How to treat and prevent saddle sore

Introduction Saddle sores are hurtful skin lesions that can constitute parts of the body that are in touch with a bicycle seat. Treating saddle sores may pertain to applying some ointments and keeping them off your bike to let them recover. For more severe issues, medical attention may be relevant. Saddle sores differ between people. … Read more

How to wrap your bar tape correctly

Introduction Before you attempt wrapping your tape correctly, below are a few things to note. Be precise and firm with the tape. It won’t break or rip effortlessly. Utilize all the bar tape given and keep it straight. Start-up by rinsing your hands so you don’t smear your fresh tape before you’ve even commenced the … Read more

How to wash mountain bikes in 6 easy steps

Introduction Your bike is a compilation of different moving parts. When endangered to mud, dirt and debris, these parts begin to disintegrate. A conventional plan of care monthly, weekly or more constantly banking on your category of riding is crucial. If you expend a lot of time riding in wet, dirty circumstances, or if you … Read more

The top ten countries to travel by bike

Introduction This top-10 list has been collected using data obtained from different travelers who have finalized epic cross-continental bike journeys. These cyclists were asked to list their three favorite countries along with the explanations why. Mexico Mexico is an evolving country blessed with amazing landscapes, an intriguing history, rich culture and world-famous cookery. You will … Read more

10 Reasons to tour with A Rohloff Hub and Some Not

Introduction The difference between remarkable cycles and average cyclers is the amount of detail and attention they pay to their bike. A rider expresses himself through his bike, and good cyclers know every inch of their equipment. If you are going on a bicycle tour, you might want to consider changing the rear hub to … Read more

A comprehensive guide to bike fishing

Introduction When you are going on an adventure, you should try as much as possible to experience as many new things as you can. If you are going cycling in the woods, chances are you will come across a lake or river that has fish in it. If you happen to come across this lake … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Desert Bikepacking

Introduction Human beings like to have as many experiences as they can, and if you are an athlete that loves to explore the world, then your hunger only grows after each adventure. Bike packing has evolved into various forms over the years, and it not only includes international bike packing and even winter bike packing. … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to International Bikepacking Tips

Introduction The outdoors is full of adventures, and it is an excellent place to explore. You can easily decide to go camping with your friends and ride through the forest quickly. However, if you want to explore, you should see the rest of the world, and you should do it on top of a bike. … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Low Waste Bike packing

Introduction Climate change is one of the major problems affecting our world today. Our planet is the only one that can serve as a home to human beings and even though amazing individuals like Elon Musk are trying to make the human species multi-planetary, there is no guarantee that he will succeed be fore we … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Mountain Preparation

Introduction Most people don’t live their lives with the consciousness that they only live once. However, the people that abide by this rule are known to be risk takers and explorers who want to experience everything there is in this world. If you belong to this category, then going on a mountain trip is an … Read more

All You Need to Know About eRoad Bikes

Introduction Cycling is a rigorous activity that involves you using your legs regularly and repeatedly. While most cyclers have the energy for this activity, some cyclers would prefer to have more help from their bicycles. This is why bike manufacturers have created eRoad bikes. ERoad bikes are bikes that run on low power consumption. As … Read more

Best Bicycle Touring Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Introduction When you engage in outdoor activities, the purpose is always to enjoy yourself and relax with your family and friends. You take a lot of pictures and videos on your adventure and these things remind you of beautiful moments. However, it is not a bad idea to share your adventures with the rest of … Read more

Best Bike Touring Destinations in The World

Introduction One of the dreams of every young person is to grow up and see the world. We dream of travelling the world like big celebrities in yachts and private jets. When we get older, the daily grind and hustle takes over and we forget our dreams. You might not be able to see the … Read more

Bicycle Touring Albania

Introduction Most people take up bike packing or touring of any kind because they want to ride on a bike. The fact is, you can easily depend on a bike wherever you are and enjoy yourself or get some exercise in the process. Most people take up bike packing because they want to explore the … Read more

Bicycle Touring Austria

Introduction Many people in the world dream of traveling and experiencing as many cultures as they can. However, there is always the issue of finances. Most people think that when they travel, they have to stay in expensive hotels and enjoy all the good things their destination offers. While this makes sense in theory, it … Read more

Bicycle Touring Belgium

Introduction Most Americans and other people from around the world always dream of visiting Europe. Europe’s culture is old and rich, and you can always find something that will fascinate you on this continent. In London, you have ancient and magnificent sites like the Big Ben Clock, the Buckingham Palace, West Minister lane, etc. In … Read more

Bicycle Touring Croatia and Bosnia

Introduction People around the world hold the opinion that western Europe is a more beautiful place than eastern Europe. However, people who have traveled to both places would agree that even though countries’ economies in western Europe seem to thrive more than those in eastern Europe, the latter has many beautiful sites across its lands. … Read more