POC Omne Air Spin Review

Introduction The POC (Piece of cake) sports popularly known as POC is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2004 by Stefan Ytterborn. The company manufactures cycling helmets, snowboarding helmets, sunglasses, and apparel. The brand has sponsored many athletes including, Fabio Wibmer, Travis Ganong, Patrik Jarbyn, Danny MacAskill, Gustav Larsson, Ryder Hesjedal among others. The … Read more

Continental Terra Trail Cream 700 x 40C Gravel Tire

Introduction Continental AG is commonly known as Conti is the world’s fourth largest tire manufacturer. It is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing brand that specializes in brake systems, automotive safety, interior electronics, powertrains, tachographs, tires, and other accessories for the transportation and automotive industry. Continental sells tires for bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles under the … Read more

Cervélo S3 Disc Ultegra Di2 ReviewPw

Introduction Cervélo’s new aero road baby, the S3, hits the mark when it comes to frame stiffness and comfort. This new Disc Ultegra Di2 model takes on a bold aero look; in other words, it’s not just an aero road machine but also aero in design and style. This no doubt holds much appeal for … Read more

Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Review

Introduction Bianchi dates back to 1885 in Milan, making it one of the oldest bike brands. The Italian brand started with Eduardo Bianchi and has created a reputation that’s unrivalled in the cycling world for well over a century. Furthermore, Bianchi’s aesthetic style and design consider the taste of cycling fans of the brand around … Read more

Wahoo KICKR CORE Review

Introduction Bikes are one of the most loved automobiles; not only is it fun, but they can also help you perform a lot of activities too like going to school or going to the store to buy things you need. But these are all outdoor activities, and the Wahoo KICKR CORE is a tool used … Read more

Velo Orange Crazy Bar Review

Introduction All bikes use a handlebar, whether a mountain bike or a road bike. However, there are different types of handlebars out there; each of these options has its unique pros and cons that can either make your biking experience fun or a disaster. Handlebars play a huge role in your bike’s overall stability, handling, … Read more

Merida Scultura Disc 6000 Review

Abilities It would interest you to know that the Merida company is the first to include the RAT(Rapid Axle Technology). Now, you may be wondering what this is; It’s a standard technology that allows the quick removal of wheels quicker than usual, which is fantastic. You no longer have to worry about your wheel removal … Read more

Mavic Comète Ultimate II shoe Review

How it works The two-component formation, with a different interior shoe and a carbon exoskeleton. The primary belief of the Comète Ultimate II is a bonus and elegant shoe. The ending is of outstanding excellence, and the two-piece formation appears like it’s cut down from one hurdle. The fitting of any shoe relies on the … Read more

Look 795 Blade Rs Disc Review

Abilities The Look 795 by the French company has never been this excellent and considerate in the production of bikes like this one. Its expertise and unseen capabilities are worth the check. Also, it is made of aluminum which makes it easy for damping and unusual tolerances, and it reduces dust penetration. The Look 795 … Read more

GIANT TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc Review

Introduction GIANT TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc is a lightweight dream machine that’s brutally fast and highly responsive. Giant’s TCR originally debuted in 1997; eight other versions have existed before now, making this the ninth version. Although many different bike brands have changed their frame design radically over the years, Giant TCR has not. Its … Read more

Basso Diamante SV Disc Review

Introduction The innovation of bikes remains a significant milestone in technology. It executed technology’s primary purpose effectively to humankind, to make life easier. Bikes have succeeded in making life easier for man to carry out almost all his daily activities like quickly going to places like the grocery store to pick up groceries, going to … Read more

Bosch Active Line Review

Introduction When we think of fun ways to exercise, swimming and cycling most likely come to mind. Not only are they healthy ways to exert yourself, they undoubtedly leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. It’s no wonder that learning to swim, or learning to ride a bike remains an important part of one’s childhood experience. … Read more

FAZUA Evation Review

Introduction Sometimes, people get fed up with using the standard bikes you find in the road and gravel bike market. Due to this, they always seek better and new alternatives that could give them something worth their money, albeit with a little more feature. Looking from the financial angle, you can say that it is … Read more

Cane Creek eeSilk Review

Introduction A bike is a mechanical motor with two tires designed for different purposes and people of interest. Different components make a bicycle, and the quality of each component will determine the value for money that you get from the purchase. Different parts of a bike are integral, and one of them is the frame. … Read more

Relaxdays bike trainer Review

Introduction Relaxdays bike harks back to a time even with its simple athletic technique. This theme continues even at incompatible times because of the presence of the bike, which releases quick access and lacks any hint of the connective trait. The construction of this bike is simple, durable, and strong, and surprisingly, all its welds … Read more

Redshift ShockStop stem Review

Introduction The Redshift ShockStop stem design is very simple. The tract pivots are attached to the steerer fastener, while the elastomer controls the suspension. The structure enables the user to sling the stem in the +6° orientation. It is very simple to set the stem up, but it requires a limited time because, as a … Read more

POC Ventral Air SPIN Review

Introduction New technologies help enhance rider safety, and never has the choice of various designs been so diverse. You can be prepared for every type of race and weather, from aero to semi-aero to climbing helmets. Safety helmets have long grown to be more than just important protective gear, establishing a vital part of every … Read more

Rapha Classic Road Shoes Review

Introduction Either as sports or as leisure, cycling is beneficial. Cycling is closely associated with a lot of health benefits. Studies say cycling helps you guide against some serious illnesses, can improve your mental and physical health, and can help you keep fit. Another interesting fact is that people of all ages can cycle and … Read more

Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 700 x 40C Review

Introduction Pirelli Cinturato Gravel tires are available in two sizes, with Pirelli wrapping the same strong base carcass with two different toppers. The M stands for mixed and is a surefooted and gripping front match to the H (Hard) rear or a max control, fit and forget collar and cuff front and rear combo. We … Read more