Mavic Comète Ultimate II shoe Review

How it works

The two-component formation, with a different interior shoe and a carbon exoskeleton. The primary belief of the Comète Ultimate II is a bonus and elegant shoe. The ending is of outstanding excellence, and the two-piece formation appears like it’s cut down from one hurdle. The fitting of any shoe relies on the owner, which won’t be very objective for every individual. Nonetheless, correlated to its past versions, it is noted that broader feet will be comfortable when worn in the Comète Ultimate II, with the last no longer cut very slim. The more relaxed brand on the interior also improves satisfaction. It’s only highly flat feet that may still encounter strength levels, for which the Mavic Ergo dials will have to be open. Regardless, an individual with standard feet shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in. Pertained to the adjustable interior shoe, the utter part is very rigid and does not trouble a bit. Keep in mind that when the shoe reaches a tension point when you a user puts them on at first, that tension point will remain the same. As stated earlier, the fit is nonobjective, and as a user, you should put on the shoe at the first attempt in person.

Another significant factor of this shoe is the Ankle movement which is also a pivotal Opposition to other high-end shoes. Ankle movement is rampant and distinguished from other shoes. Due to the bootie’s uncertain tongue and the noot’s short-cut ankle, the pedaling stroke acquires an acceptable degree of ankling, which is felt less limited and more accessible than other high-end shoes closer to the ankle or wrapped higher. The most considerable flex of the Mavin shoe is the freedom of ankle movement and supports Mavic’s assertions for better pedaling.

Mavic alleges that the Comete Ultimate shoes enhance pedaling productivity by curtailing 15% of the power expense of the calf muscles with a rounder pedal hit. There is a minor difference in the strength outcome at the power phase of the pedaling cycle and endpoint. The objective of one of the tests carried out was to retain 250 watts for the length of the test. To keep 250 watts, the user is compelled to perform tinier action through the energy phase. The timely strength during the pedaling cycle has a difference between 70 watts and 400 watts when the grouch is around 90° in the energy level. The Comete Ultimate shoes revealed a minor difference at 4.2 watts less because of a more productive hit through the extinct area.


Its immediate energy transfer

Its low weight

It’s a high-quality finishing


It’s uncomfortable for flat feet.


The new Mavic Comète Ultimate II is the systematic improvement of its designs and is perfect for all performance acquainted and Mavic fans. The intense weight paired with the additional rigid outer part and low heap height outcome in a steadfast, activity product. Due to its 12 several sizes, wider feet, and more flexible sides, users with barely broader feet will also be eligible to enjoy the Comète Ultimate II when you have an additional change.

Deep stack length paired with elevated immobility.

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