Mason Definition 2 Review


The “Mason Bikes’ ‘ theory made the best experience, and so the Resolution and Definition were brought in. Yet, the market is altering fast, and what was deemed different in 2015 has become the norm. True to the motto “Make Progress,” Mason’s committee inaugurated Definition 2, a boost of their “4Season” workhorse. The covering is still handmade in Italy, but quick-release axles and the post-mount brakes have been renewed by 12mm thru-axles and a flat-mount formal.

These factors enhance the bike’s braking operation and guarantee a cleaner frame. What has long been recognized in the MTB district is periodically still considered an uprising in the roadie world. Dom Mason’s self-made Aperture carbon fork was also promoted with a thru-axle system, a generous tire clearance of up to 33mm, and flat-mount brakes.

As a rider, if you’re pleased to ride without a mudguard and others at 30 mm, there is still plenty to contemplate when talking about a racer. Additional neat factors are the convertible thread-plates on the fork, which can be effortlessly renovated in case of harm.

Riding The Mason Definition 2

Mason has the talent for creating fascinating motorcycles but rendering you a relaxing prolonged extended ride, making Definition 2 a pleasure to pilot. It feels active and rapid on flat roads, assured on descents, and smooth to climb with the guarantee of hydraulic disc braking.

The wide Schwalbe G-One Speed tubeless tires furnished are a £one hundred enhance and distribute masses of grip too, with no crucial additional rolling opposition over a little slick. Bonded with Definition 2’s solid handling, they handle adequately with messy routes with a gravel root. Although there’s now no longer enough clutch to deal with the muddiest bridle paths, you’ve got the adequate off-avenue capability to make your use of the tarmac.

Definition 2 maintains its roaming speed very well, whether you are riding on separate forest paths or riding on the road. The heavy-ish system weight and chunky 30 mm Schwalbe G-One tires need some action to bring the Definition up to accelerate. Still, once a rider gets there, the bike may feel smooth, safe, and good-natured on everything between the rider and his destination. Definition 2 can feel slow on high peaks, but it should be known that Dom Mason didn’t try to create a bike for mountain scenes. The pleasant personality of the bike is the powerful trait and tremendous stability of the Definition, and it makes it an excellent all-rounder. It feels organized and stimulates assurance even at elevated speeds, even when the highways are wet. Manufacturers didn’t purposely test the Definition in wet circumstances, but the rain sure made for a fascinating testing climate.

The Definition responds to fast direction and road changes. It rides well on all kinds of landscape jumping from the lane, altering neighboring forest paths compels slight acceleration and no steering adjustments. The motto is: “Just get over here, it’s all good.”


Tires Schwalbe G-One

Weight 8,51 kg

Shifting SRAM Rival 1

Braking SRAM Rival Disc


Price 3.110 €


Light for a steel bike.

It hits an excellent proportion between incredible ride quality.

Versatility and neat lines.

Quality of the frameset.

They are composed of every kind of surface.

Confidence-inspiring handling.

Clever details on frame and fork.


High price compared to the competition.

Spongy SRAM Rival 1x shifters

Not a featherweight

Tires quickly reach their limitations


With the new edition of the Definition, Dom Mason built a bike that can appeal to a broad range of riders and also be able to withstand hard ground. At € 3,110, the Mason Definition 2 is more costly than most comparable bikes from the opponent, e.g., the Roadmachine X. With that, for your money available, you will get a hand-built bike from the tube-set to the factors. The excellent batch is completed by an equalized, assurance-inspiring handling and is ensured fun even when the path gets awful.

The Mason Definition frameset is accessible in blue, black, or the new Element Grey. Mason has even contemplated the arrangement of logos which are subtly shown from the rear and side. There’s a creative embossed general tube badge.

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