Taking up challenging responsibilities may seem pretty hard on bikes, but with the invention of this brand, it is the exact opposite.

The MIND has its unique way of taking you from imagination to a state of realization.

You don’t want to only think about what a product could give you but see and feel its achievement first hand to be fully convinced of its work.

Furthermore, whether on straight roads or those hills that seem rugged and difficult to thread, you’re covered to conquer your fears.

You would want a bike that performs at its best capabilities but sends a message of freshness to those who see you use it.

The OPEN MIND is not disappointing when it comes to how well and easy you could learn to handle it. It is not complex at all compared to the U.PP.E.R created before this beautiful creation.

Knowing that it is not as expensive as one could think is brilliant, knowing about the bike could do.

You are not lower than a king once you take advantage of this bike.

You are in control.


Without a doubt, a bike that gives such excellent results will be an embodiment of nothing but the best equipment to give it both a stunning look and excellent performance.

It has a wheelset (971m) that’s shallow and a perfect solution for a road bike. Although these wheels are significant, this doesn’t stop it from being active in its abilities.

Moreso, with the presence of a brake caliper, mounted directly together with a 160mm rotor plus the absence of an adapter, and this bike is just telling you to bring your game on.

This results in the sleekest movement in tests.

The MIND possesses compliance at the rear, which gives complete comfort to the rider while riding and taking up risks.

However, with a 25mm diameter Seatpost, the front bars are long from reach in stretched positions and hit the firearms on bars while in motion.

This might become a significant concern for riders, but OPEN considers this, which is why the longer you use it, the more its mastery is achieved. This makes your riding experience still great.

Other characteristics include;

Seat angle; 72.5°

Chainstays; 405mm

It would interest you also to know that the weight of this piece is about 6.87kg. Seeing this might discourage you as to whether it delivers or not. Not to worry, its skills will make you think otherwise.



Neat and good-looking.

Excellent handling.

Orderly notion.


Limited performance on straight roads.

Not entirely composed storage.


A bike like this is a rare idea from the OPEN group, which is quite impressive beyond words.

Coming from them, you would expect heaviness, but this is the exact opposite.

The MIND is an exquisite piece that does not fail you just with one touch. Its beautiful look alone will attract you.

Not all would think of such completeness in a bike which is the more reason for hijacking. This is now wrong, also because the value for your resources is vivid and satisfactory, its acquisition shouldn’t be thought twice.

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