Fuji SL 1.1 Review


Cycling as a sport or for leisure has been a part of us in recent years. Our love for adventures on the road drives us to ride on different terrains, of which we now have other bikes to suit these various terrains. Disc bikes are an excellent addition to all types of road bikes because they are perfect for all terrain types. They ultimately spell out comfort and power. Disc bikes also comes with an exceptional brake system that assists the rider to descend high places and make swift corners at tricky bends.

The Fuji SL 1.1 is a power road bike from the Japanese motorcycle manufacturing company, Fuji. The Fuji SL 1.1 set before you what we regard as one of the world’s lightest bikes available to riders. Being lightweight is the most significant feature of the SL, its frame is not heavy and yet does not tamper with the needed stiffness for a better riding experience. The Fuji company sees the SL as a pacesetter bike and stands the company out on a different level from its competitions.

Fuji SL 1.1 Review

Riders have dreamt of getting lightweight bikes, and The Fuji SL 1.1 makes that dream a reality as it boosts just 695 grams. Fuji as a brand has been around a very long time and has carved a niche for itself as one of the pioneers of modern bike designs. Fuji markets its bikes with the “Conquer Your Mountains” slogan, which further proves the climbing prowess of their bikes. The lightweight available in Fuji SL is majorly due to the frame made from high-compaction carbon material and a significant reduction that you could find in bonded joints of some other bikes. The shedding of the weight of the Fuji SL makes it have an increased stiffness of the frame.

There was a deep thought of your comfort and excellent riding experience because the geometrical composition is optimized specially for each frame size. The body of the Fuji Sl is clean and crisp; the cable is routed internally and includes a wireless SRAM e-Tap. Most manufacturers do not necessarily pay attention to details, but Fuji SL does pay attention; the blending of the color scheme, which is a general character of the bike, proves just that.

Riders of the Fuji SL 1.1 have been satisfied with its mountain climbing, and it shoots up on it efficiently and exceptionally. The tires of Fuji SL are Vittoria Corsa tires and are 25 mm wide, and users widely praise this because it absorbs the tensions on the road adequately. It also comes with a chain catcher specially integrated on the bike for a more sophisticated look. The SRAM RED brakes of this bike give you excellent modulation and braking performance when needed, especially on dry surfaces; the chainset allows you to enjoy a good compromise between riding at high speed and climbing.

Key Features

It has a C15 ultra high-modulus carbon frame

It is very lightweight and strong

C15 carbon monocoque and tapered carbon steerer

12 Speed SRAM Force


Brand: FUJI

Model: SL 1.1

Weight: 6.4 kg

Sizes: Available sizes are 46CM, 49CM, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 61cm

Product Colors: Pearl Blue, Red Orange

Bike Frame: Fuji’s unique C15 Ultra High Modulus Carbon

Fork: C15 Carbon Monocoque with a tapered carbon steerer

Bottom Bracket: SRAM DUB

Front Derailleur: SRAM Force

Rear Derailleur: SRAM Force

Crankset: SRAM Front Carbon

Tires: Vittoria Corsa


It is an excellent climber

The frame is lightweight and is stiff just right

It offers great comfort when riding

It absorbs the rough rides from


Not so good on wet rides

The handles feel temperamental when riding in full on flat sections

Some users have complained of the handlebars being too soft

The freewheel gives off a craking noise


The Fuji SL 1.1 is indeed a game-changer with its exquisite features, acknowledged by many users as an excellent climber, thus bringing a rider’s wish into reality. It is also a good sprinter and can descend from the mountains pretty well. When looking for a bike that weighs less and yet delivers excellence, think Fuji SL 1.1.

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