3T STRADA Review


There are two undeniable factors that contribute to a surreal bike riding experience; speed and comfort. An aero bike is particularly known for its speed. In addition to this, the rider is able to maintain control while taking into consideration the rider’s preference, the terrain, and of course, the race situation. Also known as an aerodynamic bike, this type of road bike is designed with aerodynamic features, which make it a missile on the road. This makes it ideal for racing events.

In recent years, newer models of aero bikes have being designed with more attention given to the rider’s comfort, unlike earlier models, which focused mainly on speed. Regardless of the shape and size, aero bikes seek to manage the flow of air around the bike and the rider. Its aerodynamic principles help to minimize how much drag is produced, which in turn makes it slippery through the air and quite fast. Let us now examine a particular category of aero bikes; the 3T Strada.

The 3T Strada

The 3T Strada has been called a futuristic road bike. While some naysayers will question whether the 3T is indeed the future of road bikes, experts and aero bike nerds can testify to the genius in the 3T Strada’s geometry. They have a wider 28mm tire optimization, 1x aero drivetrain, and your gears don’t give out on steep hills. Basically, what makes up the 3T Strada is aerodynamics, a 1x drivetrain, 28c tires space, and disc brakes. We’ve talked about speed and comfort. How is the 3T Strada engineered to optimize these? As regards comfort, the 3T, as mentioned earlier, has wider tires and a lot of space for those wheels. These fat tires are designed to minimize the shock of cracks, curbs, and cobbles from really rough terrains. In addition to this, the frames are stiff and enable ultimate power transfer.

On the other hand, speed is optimized by applying the science of aerodynamics. To avoid the wide tires being inefficient in the wind tunnel, the Strada is the first aero road frame designed to accommodate these wide tyres. The 1x drivetrain allows more space for airflow, not to mention, the gears are all available. You no longer have to choose between speed and comfort. You can finally have both on your road adventures.

In recent years the 3T Strada has undergone some changes, one of which was the release of the new 2x version. To be honest, not everyone quite understood the makeup of the 3T Strada when it hit the market in 2017. Certain components can be tricky. The 1x specific gearing, for example, may not work for everyone. As a result, 3T launched the Due version, which has a front derailleur mount. However, Strada’s other features like the disc brakes and accommodation of wider tires can be said to have hit the mark in terms of market value. Also, while the Strada has sufficiently placed chainstays and fat tires, which make it the perfect comfy aero bike, it can still be aggressive for the road. This makes it a suitable race bike.


Weight: about 7.71 and 7.78kg. Regardless of the wider tires and gearing range, it is still a somewhat light bike. That’s good for speed; some would agree.

Drivetrain: SCRAM Force 1

Brakes: SCRAM Force

Wheelset: 3T Discus Team

Tires: Continental GP 4000 SII

It uses a 3T Fundi Aero fork

It features 3T Aerotundo handlebars which are sturdy and make up part of the bike’s ergonomics

It has a 100% aero DNA which pumps you up for speed especially on straight flat roads. It is also efficient for cycling disciplines like time trials and triathlons.

It is lacking in lateral stiffness, however, which might hinder its efficiency on steep corners.


The Strada is innovative with the brake curves and tires

It is available in the 1x and 2x versions.

It has a wide-range gearing.


On the other hand, we’ve also examined a major con; the gearing system is not necessarily suited for everyone.


In conclusion, although the Strada brought in a new concept on road bikes, some of which have been questioned by many, it still definitely is your go-to aero road bike. We can thank the guys at 3T for this Innovative road missile.

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