Argonaut Road Bike Review


There are different means of transportation, and one of them is the use of bikes or cycles to move from one location to another easily without hassle. A bike has two tires designed with the geometry to help the rider with whatever terrain they might use and provide comfort for the rider.

However, it isn’t as simple as that, there are different bikes, and they all serve purposes peculiar to them. For example, a road bike can’t be used on some terrains because it isn’t made for it, and you can’t use a road bike in place of a gravel bike and vice versa.

There are different factors that you should look at before you make a final decision to make a purchase. A road bike is one that has been designed to be used on paved roads, and the geometry supports it, as such you can’t use it for rough terrains because it is used mainly for competitive sports. Considering these factors will help you reduce the risk of making a buy that you get to regret in the future.

The first thing to look out for since this is a road bike is the frame; this is because of the utility that the bike serves. Most good road bikes have a frame made with three materials mainly, either steel, carbon, or aluminum. If the frame isn’t good or in a good shape with the right materials, it will be a waste of money as you won’t get the best from it.

Another thing to look out for is the wheel; this is different from other kinds of bikes because of the various applications that are not alike. For example, a mountain bike has a more robust wheel when compared to a road bike, and this is because the road bike’s wheels have a lesser amount of spokes and rims that are not as heavy. Given this, the most common width that road bike wheels have is 25mm, and this is because it helps reduce rolling resistance and an increase in pressure.

The next thing you should look at is the handlebar with the levers included. Road bikes use a drop handlebar because it offers a couple of positions to the rider as it helps in competitions and speed control. Also, the saddle is another thing you should check out and make sure that it fits you and you are comfortable in it because it will affect the outcome of any race you participate in.

The weight of the bike is important too, and as is common, road bikes are lightweight because of their utility; lastly, the price is important because you want to know it fits your budget.

Argonaut Road Bike

The frame of the Argonaut bike is made with carbon which is one of the three materials that tells of a strong and good frame. Like we had explained when we talked about the factors you should consider before making a purchase, the frame’s material ticks because of the benefit therein.

The saddle has been designed in a way to give you the best comfort. The tire is one of the best that you can find out there, the Continental GP 25C; also, the braking system works superbly because it uses the Shimano Dura-Ace, which helps you control the bike more effectively regardless of the speed you use. Also, the weight of the bike is about 6 kg which is a good thing because it isn’t heavy, contributing to the speed and ease of paddling. Lastly, it is a good value for the money you spend on the purchase, and the downside is that it is expensive.

Key Features

It features a carbon frame

It features a Continental GP tire

It features a Shimano brake


Brand Name:Argonaut

Bike Weight: 6.78 kg


It is easy to use

It is durable because of the material used in the frame, which is carbon


It is expensive


Argonaut Bike is one of the best road bikes you can get in the market, and we have looked at the features it comes with, pros, and cons.

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