Argon 18 Krypton XROAD Review


If you need one word that clearly defines the Argon 18 Krypton XROAD Review, it’ll be versatile. True versatility is a bit difficult to find when it comes to road bikes, which is why this all-round machine caught my eye. It delivers a refined ride quality on both good and bad roads, and it’s great for dirt road excursions. Argon 18’s new Krypton XROAD seemed too good to be true on paper; the promise of a high-performance bike that can run 32mm tires on dirt, gravel, and cyclocross race sounded a bit exaggerated, but in person, this machine is everything it claims to be and more.

Argon 18 Krypton XROAD

The Argon 18 Krypton XROAD is equipped with a full SRAM Force 22 HydroR kit, a Zipp cockpit, and a Zipp Firecrest 202 disc wheels. Its tyre clearance has been increased to 32mm, and a disc brake was added to ensure the bike produces optimum performance. The bike has been designed to offer both stiffness and comfort; the headtube, downtube, and drivetrain were specially constructed to ensure the bike remains stiff on the road, and every other thing above was tailored to produce flex for comfort.

The XROAD also features a 3D System of threaded head-tube-diameter spacers from Argon 18 that allows you to adjust the bars without messing up the front-end stiffness. All you’ll need to do is screw one of the 3D system spacers directly into the head tube rather than plugging the gap between the stem and headset; this helps to lengthen the head tube whilst maintaining its rigidity. This 3D headtube system helps improve the sitting position of the rider, keeping him in an upright position that reduces strain on the lower back.

Adventure road bikes are majorly split into two categories; there are Gravel bikes and Off-road bikes, which are a bit more hard-core. The Argon 18 could be classified as a Gravel bike; it is fast on the tarmac and moves excellently on dirt and gravel. On muddy roads, however, the Conti 4 Season tires reach their limit pretty quickly because they are not designed for that type of terrain. When on the road, the round 28mm rubber tires assisted by the Fulcrum R5 wheels and the Ultegra Di2 groupset helps produce a smooth performance, allowing the rider to cover ground very quickly.

The frame is designed with 5007 HM Nano-tech carbon fiber; it’s coupled with Argon 18’s Horizontal dual system to produce incredible vertical compliance and lateral stiffness. With this construction, the frame may not be as light as many others but is designed to accept the additional forces put on the frameset by the disc brakes. This helps reduce the vibrations felt by the rider when riding on rough or bumpy roads.

The Krypton XROAD truly delivers a refined rife quality on the road; it feels very stable and well-planted. It handles climbs exceptionally and reduces road chatter without feeling numb to the road. The frame offers a good balance between comfort and stiffness. The frame design utilizes a dropped seatstay to produce a fast, smooth ride with no limits to the pedaling efficiency. It maintains a steady maneuverability level and tracks perfectly at high and low speeds.

Product Specification

Weight: 16.7 lbs

Brand: Argon 18

3D Headtube

Horizontal Dual System

Tire clearance: Up to 32mm

BB86 bottom bracket

Seatpost: 27.2mm

Accommodations for Di2 drivetrain

Frame Weight: 1150 grams

Fork Weight: 550 grams

Front Tyre: 28mm Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

Frame Material: Carbon – Nanotech Tubing HM5007

Cranks: Shimano Ultegra Di2 50/34


Great balance between comfort and road-feel

Tackles good and bad roads with ease

Exceptional at climbing

Offers lateral stiffness and compliance

3D headtube adjusts properly without losing stiffness

Good handling, speed, and comfort


Off-road capabilities are limited

Tires not designed for muddy roads


The Argon 18 Krypton XROAD is pretty incredible; it handles all types of road, including broken tarmac, exceptionally well. Its frame is specially built to deliver a smooth ride and high-quality performance. If you enjoy riding on gravel, pavement, and occasional single-track, the Krypton XROAD will deliver in spades.

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