Argon 18 Krypton Pro Review


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Gravel bikes, race bikes, endurance bikes, these are common categories of bikes you will find out there in the fascinating world of bikes. If you’ve ever made cycling an endeavor, you might find yourself in a hassle over what kind of bike is best for you. Each category of a bike has its strong suits. A race bike, for example, is built with an emphasis on performance. Gravel bikes, on the other hand, are built for a variety of terrain and are a good choice for anyone riding on aggressive, off-road terrain. Endurance bikes, however, are designed to maximize comfort for much longer rides, the kinds that stretch into days in the saddle. More often than not, people go for speed when choosing a new bike. This is why endurance bikes tend to get overlooked and are often viewed as slow compared to other bikes. While an endurance bike may not necessarily be as fast as a race bike, it can serve the purpose of one with the right adjustments put in place. For maximum performance output to be achieved, therefore, it is best to know what purpose you want your bike to serve, and of course, your preferences. Such factors sometimes tend to get overlooked by people who are new to the world of bikes. But as experts will agree, what works for one person may not be best for another.

In this article, we will be reviewing a particular brand of an endurance bike, the Argon 18 Krypton Pro.

The Argon 18 Krypton Pro

The name Argon 18 may seem openly derivative. Interestingly, the name is derived from the element which comes at number 18 on the periodic table of elements. This Canadian manufacturer was founded in 1989 in Montreal, Quebec. Over the years, Argon 18 has made a name for itself in terms of its stellar bikes and unique framesets. The Krypton pro model made its debut at Eurobike 2019 and has been one of Argon 18’s top models ever since. This model was designed with a view to having an endurance bike that could be used in competitive cycling disciplines. Also, the boys at Argon 18 successfully integrated certain aerodynamic features into the Krypton pro frame’s geometry. This, coupled with the company’s 3D+ system, is used in creating a comfortable handling and riding position for the rider to make one heck of an endurance bike.


It implements wide tyre clearances, which make it sturdy and great for consistent balance on the road.

Its frame is designed with a carbon fiber layup to give it the right level of stiffness. In addition, this absorbs road vibrations while maintaining enough power at the wheels to propel you forward. In essence, it gives you a perfect blend of speed, comfort, and endurance.

It has a bigger front end compared to the rear. This is a unique aesthetic feature of the Krypton pro. Though this might not be to the taste of some riders, this helps the krypton pro maintain balance on unsteady descents.

The krypton pro comes with an angular-shaped fork which adds to the frame’s stiffness. This helps to regulate your speed in the event that you need to slow down at a sharp bend.

It is designed with large bottom brackets and rotund chainstays to give enough power distribution to the rear tire. This is so ingeniously crafted with a slender rear to maintain optimal speed for long periods. In other words, you don’t get slower the longer you ride.


It is quiet, fast, and comfortable.

It can be used as a race bike if the right adjustments are implemented.

Its minute aerodynamic details further make it as competent as a race bike, with speed and comfort produced at equal proportions.


For some, the bigger front end might seem like a lot. This totally depends on your preferences which is something you should consider before purchasing a new bike.


The Argon 18 Krypton Pro is an all-round performance bike. It comes in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL sizes. Its 3D+ system and endurance geometry makes it a formidable bike on the road and leaves you with a smile on your face as you approach your finish line. And there’s an added catch; it doesn’t sacrifice speed for comfort. With the Argon 18 Krypton Pro, you get an all-in-one package.