Merida Scultura Endurance Review


Bikes are one the most versatile things that ever happen to a man. Like men, they are very multitasked and can help the man carry out most of his daily activities like transportation, running errands, etc. Bike riding has been recommended by many health personels as an excellent form of exercise, reducing the incidence of heart-related diseases and managing some disorders. Bikes can also get used to exploring a city, discovering new routesthere and even meeting new people, and making new friends. Bikes are also perfect for mental health, and they help relax the brain and ease a lot of stress. Bikes can get ridden out of pleasure alone or with friends. They can also get used to tight road races amongst friends. However, only quality bikes can get used to going around a city or town for adventures comfortably. The lanes in most cities are not so tired friendly, and they are often potholes or have a lot of mud, making the bike either get stuck or break down along the road. MERIDA SCULTURA ENDURANCE must have heard all of these and decided to come into existence.


While many bikes claim to be more versatile than the rest, only a few have proven their capability. MERIDA SCULTURA ENDURANCE is one of the very few. It has proven to be very versatile in every field, thanks to its unique features.

MERIDA SCULTURA ENDURANCE has a very versatile frameset. It is amateur friendly. It can cruise any terrain without breaking down on the road. It has a versatile and comfortable tire that gives a maximum tire clearance of about 700 ×35 C. It makes you ride with ease, applying only a little pressure. It has a very presentable look due to its integrated cable routing using a WIRE POST that makes all the control cables enter the frame. Another fantastic feature is the Disc Coolers that help in disparaging heat during intense movements, preventing the brakes from overheating. It has a lovely advanced geometry that contributes a lot to its comfort even after a long ride. It has sound vibrations absorbers and seat post clamps that reduce disturbances. The direct mount of the gear hanger aids shifting. The Bolt through the axle increases stiffness.

The MERIDA SCULTURA ENDURANCE bike, as the name implies, is an endurance bike; it endures all the stress for you while you relax and enjoy your ride. It gets set up in an upright position to make you ride longer without body pains. The head tube has been made longer to aid in more comfort. It is not scared of any road. It can get used to cruising the roughest of all terrains, making them excellent road bikes. It is also season friendly, and it can get used in all seasons, even the rainiest ones. In the cases of mud, it has effective mudguards that take care of the ground, making them excellent training bikes. It is recommended for those trying to ride bikes for the first time as it is very patient and enduring.


It offers high tire clearance, accomodating tire width up to 700 × 35 C

It has an integrated seat clamp.

It has a Shimano 105 group set.

It has an integrated cable routing.

It has MERIDA Expert Wheels.




Groupset: Shimano ULTEGRA

Cassette: Shimano

Brakes: Shimano Ultegra Hydraulic Disc

Wheels: DT Swiss E1850 Spline

Tires: Continental Grand Prix 4-Season




Weight 8.48 kg in size L.


It is very versatile

The Integrated Cable Routing gives it a charming look.

It is very comfortable

It has an ample tire clearance

It has a very pleasing seat post

It has a friendly geometry


The handlebar isn’t comfortable

It is not so speedy

It is not light


MERIDA SCULTURA ENDURANCE is better known as terrian slayers, and it can get used to cruising any terrain. They are very comfortable and have a high tire clearance. They can get used to touring anywhere within a city, respective of the type of road.

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