Cervélo Áspero Review


There are different uses of a bike, and there are types that cater to these kinds. A cycle is a single-track motor with two tires attached to a frame, one behind the other. One of the kinds of bikes that you can get in the market is the gravel bike, unlike the endurance bike, which is used for long-distance cycling because it has been designed to ensure that the rider is comfortable without any possible back pains. It is because the saddle has been made to take care of bumps, and the paddle has been designed not to wear you out despite the hours that you might be on the road.

A gravel bike is a bike that is used for off-road cycling and adventures, and it usually comes with a drop bar handle; this has been made in a way, including the frame that it lets you cycle through whatever terrain and still be in complete control of the bike.

The frame material of a gravel bike is one of the essential parts of it because of the role that it plays. Because you will use the cycle off-road, it is best to have the bike lightweight and not heavy. Two materials that are usually used to this end and is aluminium and carbon. The reason for this is because they are both lightweight and they are durable.

Another significant feature of the gravel bike is the geometry; due to where it will be used, it is always made to be slacker, and with a long base, this ensures that there is balance. Before anyone purchases a product, regardless of type, different factors are looked at by the person, which influences the final buying decision.

The reason for this is to avoid a situation where you have buyer’s remorse somewhere in the future. One of the essential factors you should look at when you want to purchase a gravel bike regardless of the brand is the design, frame material, geometry, and cost. If these factors tick, then you can confidently make the purchase that you want.

Cervélo Áspero

People get different impressions when they see a Cervélo Áspero for the first time and one of this is the label attached to the seat post. The UCI label that is attached indicates that the bike is one you can use for competitions officially. Another thing that suggests this use for the match to be apt is the tire shapes, which are aero shaped.

Despite this, some downsides come with using it, and one of them is that the bike can’t take luggage. However, despite it not allowing you to transfer your luggage with you, the gravel bike has been designed so that the frame allows for different sets of wheel sizes. The highest that it can go is to take up to 700 x 42C.

Another good thing about the Cervélo Áspero bike is the weight which isn’t heavy, as it weighs about 8 kg which is fair and allows the rider to have control over it. Also, the brake system is SRAM Force HRD which works as needed because of the quick reaction to the application. Although a little bit high, the bike’s price isn’t as high when comparing it with others in the same category. Lastly, it comes with a trail mixer that allows the bike’s rake to be adjusted by at least 5mm, whether reducing or adding.

Key Features

It features a design that allows for the fixture of different wheel sizes

It features a powerful braking system which is the SRM Force HRD brakes

It can take a 700x 40C tire size

It features an Easton handlebar


Brake System: SRM Force HRD

Brand Name: Cervélo Áspero


It is easy to use and handle

It is lightweight

It is worth the money that you spend on the purchase because of the value that you get for your money

It is not expensive



We explained what a gravel bike is and its utility; we looked at the Cervélo Áspero bike, and we looked at the features, specifications, and pros of the bike. Using this review, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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