Canyon Grail CF SLX Review


Bikes are the handiest vehicles, and they’re like your biggest companions, always present anytime you need them. Bikes are also the most versatile automobiles, performing many functions, like mountain climbing, road racing, cyclocross, touring, and going for adventures with friends and family. Bikes do a lot of things exceptional things despite their small size and two wheels. It is no wonder then why it outsells its other colleagues every year. Bikes are very portable and guarantee easy transportation from one place to another. Bike riding itself is something that is loved by a lot of people. People want to go on long road trips to get fresh air, ease their stress and maintain great mental health. It has also proven to have a lot of medical benefits; it manages some diseases, reduces the risk of cardiovascular ailments, and is generally a good exercise for the soul and mind. Also, bike riding helps people to shred out excess body weight and stay in great shape. However, the type of bike you use to ride plays a major part in what the ride will be. It is not advisable to go for very uncomfortable bikes, have more handling and bad geometry. Going on long trips involves encountering new roads and terrains; therefore, it is also not advisable to go for bikes that won’t navigate through any road and terrain. It is advisable to go for comfort bikes, have good handling and great geometry. Also, when going on long trips, it is only wise to go for bikes that can navigate through any terrain or path. Canyon Grail CF SLX does all of these.


CanyonGrailCFSLX is not a bike you want to mess with. It made a huge milestone in the world of gravel bikes, being an exceptional bike that broke out as a gravel racer, exactly what happens when a gravel bike and road bike unites. It can navigate any road, especially gravel terrain, as a gravel bike and can win any race as a road racing bike. On top of all of that, it is very affordable, offering you good value for your money.

The German bike is known for its great handling with its double-decker handlebar is flaredabout 430 to 475mm widewith drops that provide enough space for your hands to get comfortable with during riding. Thanks to its great stem, it is a very stiff bike and has great compliance with its Flexi bar tops. Even distribution of weight is done, but it’s combined stem and handlebar. CanyonGrailCFSLX has a good geometry that puts its riders in an upright position, keeping them on the road for hours. It is suitable for long-distance trips, guaranteeing comfort during the entire ride.

CanyonGrailCFSLX has good shifting and good braking with its ULTEGRA R8070 disc shift and brake lever. The bike is very reliable and won’t break down during long trips with its reliable ULTEGRA Di2 groupsets. You can easily ride up steep climbs while going uphill and still have a decent downhill, making it a good mountain climber. The Canyon Seatpost is very comfortable and prevents backaches after a ride. The Reynolds Assault ATR Carbon wheels are stiff and have great speed and good acceleration, and the tires offer good griping, especially on gravel paths. CanyonGrailCFSLX affords you control over the road and gives you the confidence you need to ride.


Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupsets.

Ultegra R8070 Disc shift/brake lever works.

Double-decker handlebar.

50/35 ULTEGRA chainset.

Reynolds Assault ATR Carbon wheels.


Name: CanyonGrailCFSLX

Brand: Canyon

Weight: 8.2kg

Groupset: UltegraDi2groupsets.


Wheel: AssaultATRCarbonwheels.

Tires: 40C Schwanle G-One Bite tires.

Seatpost: Canyon S15 VCLS 2.0 CF


It is very speedy with good acceleration.

It has great handling.

It is agile and balanced.

It is suitable for long trips

It is comfortable.


The routing of the cockpit cable is untidy.


Canyon Grail CF SLX is a great bike, and it has good handling with great geometry. It gives a very comfortable ride and is suitable for long trips. Also, it is very speedy and easily cruises on gravel terrains.

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