CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000 Review


Bikes are the best and most preferred automobiles that people desire to have. They are universal, with functions ranging from more than just transportation. Bikes are used for mountain climbing during an excursion or adventure, cyclocross whether as a professional sport or for fun with friends, racing on the road with friends and loved ones, and going for tours in your city or neighboring cities. Bikes are the bestselling vehicles yearly. Mountain climbing has become more popular in recent times. Many people go climbing mountains with their friends and loved ones for exploration, fun, and adventures. You never know what is up there on the mountain till you climb and see for yourself. Going for mountain climbing with bikes entails choosing a very agile bike, has balance and can easily find its way around steep corners. Using a bike that has no balance and is not agile can make you fall off the cliff in minutes and acquire a very serious injury, and that’s what you wouldn’t want. Over the years, thousands of mountain bikes have been designed by several bikes, each of them claiming to be the best, but with mostly nothing to show for it. However, CENTURION has come up with a mountain bike, CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000, that changed and took over the game, not just in the world of mountain bikes but also in that of a gravel bike. CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000 can carry you high up any mountain smoothly without any hinges or obstacles.

CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000

For the first time in a long time, a bike has come into the picture and has been able to perfectly fit into the description of a good mountain bike and gravel bike at the same time.CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000 can be seen as a good gravel bike, thanks to its ability to cruise over any terrain and route, including countryside lanes with many potholes and muddy roads. It can also be seen as a mountain bike because of its ability to move uphill and overcome steeps while climbing mountains easily.

CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000 has a FLOAT SC Factory fork that offers good damping. Its groupset, Shimano XTR groupset, is light, aiding in its speed. A remote user controls the fork to adjust and reset it easily. The light cockpit also contributes to the lightness of the bike. It has a uniquely flared handlebar and stem that offers its riders great handling and comfort for the hands. It has a well-shaped and light carbon frame. CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000, with its aerodynamic built, offers you speed. It gives you a fun-filled ride. Its geometry lowers the center of gravity, aiding in balance and agility. It is very stiff and gives balance to the riders as they move uphill. It can cut across steep slopes and tight corners. It puts the rider in control as they enjoy their climbing.

CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000comes in high-quality designs. Its excellent geometry positions its riders in upright positions that make them very comfortable throughout the ride. The tires keep doing for hours. It has no fear for rocky terrains, including the most potholed countryside lanes, as it comes prepared with everything you need to navigate through those places. CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000 doesn’t just guarantee you a speedy ride but comfort and fun while doing so. It being both a mountain and gravel bike helps you save the cost of acquiring both separately.


It has a FOX 32 FLOAT SC Factory fork that works with a remote.

It has a Shimano XTR group set.

It has MAXXIS IKON tires.


Name: CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000


Tires:MAXXIS IKON tires

Handlebar: Flat Carbon OS handlebar

Stem: FSA No. 422 stem.


It offers great handling with its flared handlebar.

It gives control and confidence.

It is very balanced and agile.

It is a very speedy bike.


Loss of traction by the tires due to poor gripping.


CENTURION Backfire Carbon 4000 harmonizes comfort, balance, and handling. Its geometry and excellent riding position put you in control, giving you all the control and confidence you need for the ride.

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