Giant TCX Advanced SX Review


Cyclocross bikes are a high choice among riders due to their ability to withstand the pressure of cyclocross races and look quite similar to road racing bikes. Unlike road bikes with high gears that provide high speeds for road racing, cyclocross bikes come with lower Gears that help move over uneven surfaces. Some riders prefer using a cyclocross bike as a road bike because they can easily maneuver over muddy, grass, and sandy surfaces.

The Giant TCX Advanced SX bike is a well-known model of the Giant’s brand as a bike-making company. This bike offers you sustainability and versatility worth more than its price tag, and it withstands the pressure of cyclocross and sustains you on your long-ride adventures.

Giant TCX Advanced SX Review

The Giant TCX Advanced SX comes with a robust feature, and one made to hit different surfaces; it has bars built with solid aluminum, flared a little for added comfort for riders. The bike comes with 40mm MAXXIX Rambler tires, showing its ability and interest in taking on various terrains and adding even more convenience for riders. Like the Giant Pro-1, this bike also comes with a compliance-enhancing D-Fuse, which means it has a carbon frame like the latter model. Cyclocross riders enjoy this bike because of its preventive measures of unwanted movements around the seatpost, which often happens when you vigorously hop on and off the bike.

The weight of the Giant TCX Advanced SX is something you cannot look away from when you ride and only gets slightly lighter when you speed up. The bike is very responsive to the rider’s command as it flows smoothly over various terrains following the lead of its rider. The bike is built to accommodate a beginner rider with its friendly interface and is perfect for off-road adventures. The breaking feature of the bike is reliable due to the presence of 160mm disc brake rotors located both at the front and back.

The tires of the SX are about 40mm wide, which still does not disturb the ability of the bike to clear out mud during rides. The bike does not weigh very light as a feather among its other gravel bikes models, so when you ride, you might be trying to drag a few grams along. However, like most bikes, you would not feel such weight drag when you speed up because it sure knows how to handle its weight. The Giant TCX flows well with the rider’s instructions as it responds to the rider’s input on various terrain types. The cyclocross feature of the bike does not limit its ability to travel long distances; its less-aggressive riding position and recreational built to support this claim. The bike is versatile, cutting through all gravel and muddy terrains.

The grip on the bike is solid, and riders enjoy great handling ease; you can ride excellently well on dry surfaces and wet surfaces, you would know how far it can go with its predictive riding. The SX model mixes riding on an adventure and having fun while at it; the balanced seat of the bike gives you a confident composure; it maintains balance on straight strides and keeps its composure during zigzag lanes. When you ride the Giant TCX advanced SX, you would not want to stop at just a wee hour of riding, and you would be surprised how a small loop can turn to hours of fabulous rides.

Key Features

Aluminum bars

Carbon frame

XR Ergo control bars


Brand: Giant

Tires: MAXXIS Rambler

Brake: 160mm Disc brake

Weight: 9.22 Kg

Size: M, L

Seat post: D-Fuse Carbon


It is versatile and rides well on not just a gravel trail

It is affordable

It features a balanced geometry

The handling is straightforward for a beginner


It lacks some smoothness

The additional it has may require an extra riding strength for a beginner


The Giant TCX advanced SX is a classic all-rounder bike with a versatile feature. Its geometry and components make it great for a cyclocross race, leisure, or long adventure rides. It handles the pressure of different terrains well enough at a price that does not break a bank.

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