Crema Doma Review


Bikes can be seen as different things by different people with different points of view. An average man may see the bike as easy transportation from one place to another. A student may see the bike as a means of getting to school on time and quickly running around the neighborhood to say hello to a friend or pick up groceries from the grocery store for his or her mom. A tourist may see love as an easy means of transportation to tour a city or town and someone that loves going for adventures, as an essential vehicle for climbing mountains, visiting and discovering new places, and so on. While others see bikes as just a means of easy movement, baristas and coffee lovers have a different view of a bike. Baristas who prepare coffee in a coffee shop and general coffee lovers love the entire idea of a bike. They see bikes as a soulmate and companions they ride down the streets while sipping their coffee. Bikes complete the sweet, creamy taste of their coffee. For this reason and so many others, Crema Doma decided to come intoplay and satisfy all the needs of what a perfect bike would be for not just coffee riders but also other riders generally.

Crema Doma

Talk about an all-around bike that helps you explore all your imaginations of a good bike, and you’ll be talking about Crema Doma. Crema Doma is the best choice for coffee lovers and baristas, and they adore it just like they adore the cream of their coffee. Crema Doma is worth all the compliments. It is beautiful and commands attention everywhere it goes.

Crema Doma is also a very comfortable bike. It has a good pair of Enve SES 4.5 wheels that guarantee you a stress-free ride in which you don’t have to worry about body pains. It has an excellent steel frame. It has a suitable geometry for balance and ability that keeps you moving even after a long distance. The Veloflex Master tires provide maximum power transmission. Some of its components are made with carbon, contributing to its lightness and speed. It is very speedy and is capable of battling any bike at all on the road. Thus, Crema Doma not only keeps you on the road after a long time but keeps you accelerating at a reasonable rate.

Crema Doma is very agile and can pass through corners. It can also quickly go uphill, making it a good mountain climber also. Therefore it can also be used by those going on adventures to climb any mountain of their choice. Crema Doma has an unageing design. It has some components that get creatively designed with hands. All the parts of Crema Doma have been carefully and creatively put together to provide the best bikes. Crema Doma is a very great bike most preferred by purists, and it gives a pure and natural feel to its riders. It is a perfect companion for your fun and spirit-filled ride. Though it has a steel frame, it can beat carbon-made bikes solely on the road.


It has an Enve SES 4. 5 wheels.

It has a reasonable Barcelona steel frame.

BrandIt has Veloflex Master Tyre.


Brand: Crema

Name: Crema Doma

Weight (kg): 7.42

Drivetrain: Campagnolo Record

Brakes: Campagnolo Record Skeleton brakes

Wheelset: Enve SES 4.5

Tyres: Veloflex Master 25


It is light.

It has effective power transmission.

It is very comfortable.

It has superb design features

It is a good mountain climber

It has high-quality designs.


It is not suitable for going downhill.


As bikes graduated from being an easy means of transportation and a source of livelihood for some people, Crema Doma wasn’t left alone. Baristas can use it for delivering coffee, but this is not only what makes it beautiful. Coffee lovers also use it to have a spirit-filled time as they sip their coffee while enjoying their ride. Crema Doma has gotten tested by purists, experts, and even Tour de France riders attest to their excellent ride quality. CremaDoma takes you on that ride of your dreams, filled with remarkable comfort, speed and fun. Read also;

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