Coboc TEN Torino Review


A bike is a machine that comes with two tires, a seat post, and different features. Various innovations have hit the market recently, and the bike segment has not gotten left out. Some advances have been made in the electric car segment. The same is also happening with bikes.

There are various reasons why anyone will want to use a bike, and this could be for a competition, an adventure, and commuting from one location to another. There are different types of bikes that we have in the market, and they serve the purposes that they get made for; there are two main types known as the road and the gravel bike. These two bikes have their features and why people like them; however, a third has been gaining attention recently, and it is the ebike.

An ebike is a bike that uses a motor that helps the rider paddling and movement from one location to another. There are two main types of e-bike as of the time of writing this, they are known as the pedal-assist bike and the throttle bike. The pedal-assist bike needs you to pedal before using the motor that it comes with inbuilt or attached; the second, which is the throttle, is one that the throttle controls the engine.

When anyone goes to the market to purchase, some factors get considered before buying whatever product gets agreed on. One of the first things that you think about buying a bike is the frame material. The frame material ensures that the bike you buy is durable and will last you a while before you need to make a new purchase. It is to eliminate the risk of making a buy that will get regretted in the future.

The second factor you should consider is the bike’s weight; the reason for this is that it affects the level of control you have over the cycle. If the importance of the bike you purchase is heavy to handle, you will have a problem navigating rough terrains.

Another thing you should look at is the purpose that the bike has gotten made; if it doesn’t fit the goal you also have, then you can make do with an alternative. Lastly, you want to know the price of the bike you wish to purchase, so you know it fits your budget.

Coboc TEN Torino

The way the bike has been built, you can use it for road and gravel bikes. It has 650B x 50 G-One Schwalbe tires, and it also comes with an integrated lighting and rack system. Unlike most e-bikes that don’t come with a LED system, this one comes with it, and you can control it through the integrated top tube of the bike.

One of the factors that we look at when you want to make a purchase is the frame material. There is only two available material that helps with durability and it is carbon and aluminum. However, this is one aspect that this bike lacks as it is a strong suit.

Another good feature of the bike is that you can operate the Coboc through an app or use the alternative fixed at the bottom of the top tube. The motorcycle also houses the Bafang motor, and it comes with a battery with 352 Wh power. Lastly, the bike is heavy, and it has a weight of about 15.6 kg, and it costs almost five thousand euros for the purchase.

Key Features

It features a Bafang motor

It features a 352 Wh battery

It features a 650B x 50 G-One Schwalbes tire


Brand Name: Coboc

Bike’s Weight: 15.6 Kg


It is easy to use

It is a good value for the money you spend on the purchase


It is heavy

It is expensive


We explained the factors you should consider before purchasing an e-bike; using these factors will help you avoid making a wrong purchase that you will regret in the future. We looked at the Coboc TEN Torino, the features, pros, and cons. To read more, visit;

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