Colnago V3Rs Review


Bikes are one of the greatest assets in this current time. They have proven to be the best automobile over and over again. Even with their two tires, they can do a lot of things that other vehicles can’t do. They are very portable because of their size and very versatile. They perform a lot of help humanity, like bike racing, mountain climbing, etc. While performing all that, they still ace their primary aim of transportation. Bikes can enable easy transportation passing through certain terrains and paths that cars can only dream of passing. Bikes carry you to your destination ease. However, all bikes may transport you from one place to another, but only an exceptional bike can take you to wherever you go with speed, comfort, agility, and balance. This exceptional bike is Colnago V3R. Colnago V3R is guaranteed to give you the best ride of your life. The bike has been advanced, and many features have been added to serve you all the possible purposes the best bikes have to offer.

Colnago V3Rs

Bikes, just like fashion, never run out of style. This is because they keep being advanced year after year. Colnago validates this. One out of the two models of Colnago, ColnagoV3R, has brought into the present what bikes may look like in the future. It is an upgrade of everything Colnago used to be.

Colnago V3R is done for its high quality. It is constructed from high-quality carbon fibers that have contributed to its stiffness at the front and rear; it has good compliance due to its advanced frame with dropped seat stays. It has an improved tire clearance giving allowance for tires thirty millimeters wide. The cockpit has been reorganized, with the electronic drivetrain cables arranged, leaving the V3R3 with a more presentable look. Also, the cockpit doesn’t come in one piece combined stem and handlebar. It makes the handlebar more easily adjustable, bringing you a lot of comforts.

One of the most distinguishing features of ColnagoV3R it’s lightness. V3Rsare light bikes, thanks to their disc frame weighing 790g compared to the weight of their predecessors. The rest of the thanks go to the fine carbon fibers used in making them. The lightness gives it an excellent performance, and it has very nice geometry. It is available in eight sizes and has a very beautiful design; V3R is for everyone. The wheels gives good shifting; there is optimal power transmission. It is a very speedy bike, and it accelerates well, making it a race bike as well. Its agility and balance make it a good mountain climber. It also has good brakes. Colnago V3Rs are bikes that ensure a comfortable and happy ride without much energy and stress. They are the bikes you should have.


It comes in various sizes.

It has an upgraded frame.

It has a newly improved reorganized cockpit.

It has an Aero Bora wheelset.


Name: Colnago

Brand: Colnago V3R

Weight: 7.3kg

Frame: Colnago V3Rs

Groupset: Sram Force eTap

Brakes: Sram Force eTap

Chainset: Sram Force eTap

Drivetrain:Campagnolo Super Record

Cassette: Campagnolo Super Record

Brakes: Campagnolo Super Record

Wheels: Campagnolo Bora WTO

Tires: Pirelli P ZERO Velo

Seat post: Colnago Aero Carbon

Handlebar: Colnago R41 Carbon

Size: 42, 45, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58

Color: Nero Arancio

Bars:Colnago R41 Carbon

Stem: Colnago SR9 Integrated


It is very light

It is stiff

It has high tire clearance

It is very agile

It is comfortable

It comes in various sizes.


It was very expensive.


Colnago V3Rs are very comfortable, very light, and very stiff. They are speedy and agile. They are all-around bikes that can perform most functions, like mountain climbing and bike-packing. They have an aerodynamic frame that increases it’s speed and high performance. It has an adjustable handlebar adding to it’s beauty. It is more advanced than it’s co -model, V3. It has high tire clearance. It comes in several sizes, making it available for everyone. To sum it all, it comes in beautiful designs.

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