Corratec CCT Evo eTap Review


Something is fascinating about bikes that can’t be comprehended. Whether it’s the ability to make transportation very easy despite having only two tires or its portability due to its small size is what no one can tell. However, people choose to have and love to own a bike because they find it fascinating and because bikes serve as good company. By just looking at your bike next to your apartment, you feel like you have helped a lot of life’s problems. Bikes serve a lot of life’s purposes. They can be used to go shopping at the grocery store, pick something up at the neighborhood, go on road trips, go on bike races with friends, and go mountain climbing. While there are a lot of bikes in the market to choose from, it is crucial to consider a lot of things, like if the bike can satisfy all the needs you desire in a cycle. Corratec CCT Evo eTap meets all these needs.

Corratec CCT Evo eTap

Using one stone to kill two birds means using one thing to accomplish two goals is the best way to achieve a mission. This is exactly what Corratec CCT Evo eTap does, only that in this case it kills more than two birds. It saves the time and cost of doing them individually.

Corratec CCT Evo eTap is an all-around bike used to carry out a lot of functions. There are very light bikes, and as noted, the more golden the cycles, the faster. They are also high-speed bikes, making them sports bikes. It gives the rider a higher chance of winning the race at ease. Also, it offers a good grip with its wider tires. They are very stiff and suitable for uphill movement, making them also mountain climbers. They have an excellent ability to transmit power.

Another fantastic thing about Corratec CCT Evo eTap is that it allows people to combine the parts and set up their desired bike. In this way, it makes you design the bike of your dreams. All the details are very light and durable. It comes with a very quality design with Bavarian Lion decoration on the top tube. The seat post can be easily adjusted. The Shimano Dura-Ace brakes provide good brakes. Corratec CCT Evo can perform many tasks, ranging from sports to road trips and mountain climbing. Making it racebikes, road trip bikes, power bikes, and mountain bikes. They are the bikes you’ll want to own to go on bike races with your friends, on adventures like mountain climbing and for bike-packing, and also bikes you would love to have company.


It has a very light wheelset.

Its rare brake is obstructed by the chainstays, making them low-profiled.

It has Shimano Dura-Ace brakes

It has a superlight.

It has extensive tires.


Name: Corratec CCT Evo eTap

Brand: Corratec

Drivetrain: Shimano Dura-Ace

Wheelset: DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut

Tires: Vitorra Corsa G+/4c

Weight: 7.01 kg

Fork: Pro Control Carbon Fork

Brake: SRAM Red eTAP

Stem: Alloy Stem

Handle Bar: Carbon Handlebar

Saddle: Selle Italia Superflow Carbon

Seat Post: Carbon Seatpost

Chainwheel: SRAM Red DUB

Cassette: SRAM XG1290

Front Derailleur: SRAM Red eTAP

Rear Derailleur: SRAM Red eTAP

Shift Levers: SRAM Red eTAP

Rim: 700C Carbon front


It is very light.

It has excellent speed and agility.

It comes in high-quality designs.

It has good power maximization.

It can also be used for mountain climbing.


It is expensive

It is not so comfortable.


Corratec CCT Evo eTap fulfills all your desires of what a good bike should be. They are easy to ride, light, portable, move with great speed, agile, and are significantly diversified all in one cycle. It can also be used as both race bikes and mountain climbers. They are good sprinters with an excellent ability to maximize power. Cooratec CCT Evo eTap is a bike that performs all the wonders of bikes. They are very agile and portable. Its lightness guarantees speed together with its advanced wheelset.

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