Acros RD-Disc Carbon Wheelset Review


Bicycle wheels are key components of a bicycle. Apart from being responsible for the movement of a bicycle, a great wheelset can increase the performance of your bike. Over the years, bicycle wheels have evolved; from the good old days of wooden wheels down to the famous carbon wheelset currently used by many cyclers and bicycle manufacturers. Yes! Carbon wheelset. Does the name ring any bells? Well, if you are a cyclist or bicycle lover, you probably have heard or seen a carbon wheelset. But if you haven’t, here is a quick dive into what carbon wheelsets are.

Carbon wheelsets are wheels made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin. They are light, still, durable, and faster than alloy wheels. With less flex and more aerodynamics, carbon wheels are more comfortable and responsive when compared to alloy.

As mentioned at the start of this article, Bicycle wheels are key to your cycling experience, which is why it is essential to choose the suitable wheelset for your bicycle. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on a wheelset that makes you look like an amateur cyclist. Haven discussed a little about bicycle wheels and carbon wheelset; let’s do a quick review of one of the best available carbon wheelsets; Across RD-Disc Carbon Wheelset.

Across RD-Disc Carbon Wheelset

Acros RD-Disc Carbon Wheelset is a stiff, durable, and lightweight disc carbon wheelset made by Acros, a German company based in South Germany.

The Acros RD-Disc is built with huge stiffness levels and a lightweight, which offers plenty of performance. They’re also as robust as old boots, making them the ideal set of wheels for road rides with gravel excursions.

With a front wheel of 779g and a rear-wheel 672g (1,451g), the weight of the Acros RD-Disc wheelset is impressive for how durable and stiff they are. They accelerate quickly, and climbing on them is a blast.

The RD-Disc carbon wheelset can perform on road, gravel, and cyclocross. So whether the road has many potholes or small rocks, your Acros wheels will give you a smooth ride.

The made in Germany disc carbon wheelset features a modern rim geometry with 45 mm rim height which offers aerodynamics benefits. The wheelset’s 19.1 mm inner width and asymmetrical rim design make it a genuine weapon on and off the road. Even with narrow tyres inflated up to high pressures, the spoke tension is consistent across the wheel, and while stiff, the wheels don’t feel harsh.

Like other Acros wheelsets, the wheels of the Acros RD-Disc are hand-spoked in Germany, and the rear wheel has an adjuster to control the sound of the freehub. Also, Sapim CX-Ray spokes are used to connect the hubs to Duke Baccara C rims, having 24 front and rear spokes. The rear wheel has a two-cross design on both sides, as does the front wheel on the disc mount side, with a radial pattern on the other.


Axle system: Front-wheel: QR9, TA15

Rear wheel: TA10, QR10, X12, TA12

Spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray

Rims: Duke Baccara C

Use: Road, gravel, cyclocross

Hubs: Acros Nineteen RD-Disc

Freehub: Shimano 10-/11-speed

Spokes number FW/RW: 24/24

Spokes number: 24 Rims Profile

ETRTO: 19×622 mm

Tire Type: Wire/clincher

Internal width: 19.1 mm

Material: Carbon

Brake Type: Disc brake 6-hole

Front-wheel Weight: 779 g

Rear Wheel weight: 672g

Wheelset Total weight: 1451g

Max. total load: 95 kg


Despite its impressive features, the Acros RD-Disc Carbon Wheelset is equipped with a 6-bolt disc brake rather than Shimano’s Centerlock system (a popular centerlock mounting system that provides exceptional stopping power in all riding conditions and has more advantages over a 6-bolt disc brake).

The wheels also have some branded stickers that aren’t the most attractive designs, but they don’t detract from the excellent performance.


Acros RD-Disc Carbon Wheelset is an ideal wheelset for all adventures. It gives cyclists the freedom to speed and, at the same time, enjoy a smooth ride. Perhaps your bicycle wheels need an upgrade, but you are yet to make a decision. This article has reviewed the impressive features and downsides of the Acros RD-Disc Carbon Wheelset together with its specifications. Read and decide.

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