All-new Bontrager Velocis MIPS Helmet Review


Some people prefer to choose style over the safety of themselves. Frankly, this perception isn’t healthy because of the chances that you might be involved in an accident and whatnot. Safety before style should be the mantra of anyone who tries to avoid an accident on the road at all times.

Cycling is an activity carried out by different kinds of people, and like any road, event accidents occur occasionally. Regardless of this, there are measures to take to ensure that if this accident beyond your control happens, the chances of obtaining a fatal injury will remain slim.

There have been different gears made to ensure the cyclist’s safety, and the helmet is one of them. From time immemorial, people have used the helmet to serve as an extra layer to the head. It protects the head from any fatal kind of brain injury that might occur due to an accident.

One of the most common results of an accident that happens to most cyclists involved is an injury to the head. Because of this, the development of the helmet for cycling has explicitly undergone several changes with time. As we know, different brands are involved in this business, and most claim to be the best because of the features it has and the protection it guarantees.

Bontrager Velocis MIPS Helmet

One of the popular brands in the helmet business is the Bontrager; the reason for this is its features and the protection that it guarantees its users. The design is top-notch, and aesthetically we can say that it ticks and is worth it; however, our focus is on the safety it assured users.

The MIPS is known as the Multi-directional Impact Protection System. The utility of the system is to ensure the safety of the brain. The work it works is this; to reduce the impact of an angled fall by allowing the helmet to slip in relative to your head. Some assume the technology alone to be enough to provide you with the needed protection in case a fall happens.

However, there are some features you might want to look at, and this helmet provides that convenience is one of the things that anyone wants. So, if you make a purchase and the product isn’t convenient to use, you won’t see any need for it in the long run because it will turn into irritation. The way the Bontrager has gotten designed, convenience is one of the things that you enjoy without stress, and in addition to this, it is easy to use and handle, making it a good value for your purchase.

One problem most helmets face is the placement on the head of the users. The foam padding on the inner part of the helmet and vents helps. The Bontrager comes with a bow rear closure system that ensures that the internal cradle fits when you wear it. It also features a design that helps deal with moisture. These designs and features provide that any sweat or heat is dried out from your head, helping you stay focused while cycling.

Another thing people look out for is the cost of purchase. If the price is way beyond their budget, they might not buy; it will also depend on how affordable or expensive it is.

Key Features

There are critical Features that modern helmets boast of, and the Bontrager ticks all of this with its fantastic makeup. You should be keen about this to gauge if the money you will spend on the purchase will be worth it in the long run.

Below are some features of the Bontrager Helmet;

It has a MIPS(Multi-directional Impact Protection System) that helps with angled falls

It has a vent and a foam padding on the inside that helps deal with moisture

It has a boa rear system that helps with the helmet placement and fitting


It is a good value for the money spent on the purchase

It is easy to use

It is durable


It’s a bit pricey


It would be best if you used an excellent helmet when you want to go cycling, and the Bontrager is one of the best for this. We’ve looked at the Bontrager Helmet, the features, the pros, and the cons. For more information, visit;

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