LOOK e-765 Gravel Off-road Racer Review


The general idea of the e-765 Gravel is somewhat regarded as a premium. Based on the e-765 Optimum Road Bike, LOOK’s new gravel bike was created by a German start-up producer FAZUA. The 250 W bike settles in the lowest bracket and churns out a full torque of 60 Nm. This bike model gives nice assistance on hard sections on loose terrain and straight climbs. With its 250 Wh battery, the FAZUA motor sets the rider for longer rides, procures tons of fun, and sets you up for longer rides. To address the specific needs of gravel riders, LOOK came together with FAZUA’s engineers who worked on this special motor setup, a model very different from the old version. GRAVEL’s smooth character was invented to enable a nicer grip on open terrain.

Gravel Off-Road Racer is the next frontier for the e-bike after obtaining good traction on the road. Several assisted gravel motorbikes have a lot going on lately. Gravel bikes are expected to resist some technical terrain and be active and light enough to provide fun to the rider.

E-765 shares some of its traits with Look’s 765RS gravel bike. Like the e-765 Optimum, the FAZUA drive-unit comprises a 250 Wh battery, a backside bracket, and a motor. Altogether this is a total weight of 4.6 kg. At the reference of a regulator, the engine and the battery might be eradicated from the down-tube and changed with a cowl. With this, you’ve got the choice of using your e-765 Gravel without the motor unit. Once you eliminate the unit, you could cowl the housing with a plastic cowl. This weighs below 500 g and may be used as an alternative garage unit. Therefore, along with this setup, the motorcycle is a whopping 2. eight kg lighter.

Furthermore, To give a great stage of satisfaction, LOOK is predicated on their recently improved three-D wave rear-give-up technology. This three-D seat-live layout carbon is used to increase the straight compliance of the rear-cease via means, up to 15%, without jeopardizing the cornering manner of the bike.

The gravel bike is a road bike alternative in terms of speed.

A bike rider may take a break on a Sunday after a hectic week of work. During the week, the rider is busy scheduling the path for his big Sunday ride, and, with his observation, he notices that every road looks better than the next. His anxiety thrives, and the weather forecast indicates a nice 22° C with blue skies without clouds. The rider began his journey, but just 20 km in, he began to become disappointed. The route has so many holes than the exterior of the moon; even the promised 22 °C is more like 2.2 °C, which makes him so upset, without much time, big raindrops begin to fall from the predicted blue sky. Adding to his dismay, the rider realizes that he left his rain jacket at home. The grip of his so-called 700 x 25C tires is already non-existent, and immediately he says a small prayer and crashes into the mud. Still, the gravel bike, an excellent option for longer rides due to its high speed, will help you avoid any nasty incidents.


Cassette SRAM PG 1130 11 × 36

Tires WTB Riddler 700 × 34 Tubeless

Motor FAZUA Evation

Groupset SRAM Force CX 1 x 11

Compact 12° Flare

Cranks FSA 1 x 42t

Wheels MAVIC All-Road Disc Tubeless

Seatpost LOOK LS2 Carbon 27.2 mm x 350 mm

Stem LOOK Aluminium LDS

Price €6,499

Handlebars LOOK Aluminium LS2 Weight 13.6 kg (Size M)


The e-765 assists the rider to the area of the front bottle in unique positions for a safe and smooth ride.

The e-765 helps the user discover when he is using only one bottle, which helps improve each aerodynamics, including the gravity component of the bike.


Some negative reviews on its durability.

It was pretty much expensive.


The LOOK e-765 Gravel, SRAM Force 1×eleven, is an actual machine, its outstanding traction, agile handling, and true naturalness. With its green carbon frame and machine weight of 13.6 kg, the e-gravel bike is a lot of a laugh, even surpassing the 25 km/h boundary. However, Only the mixing of the FAZUA managed unit might have been solved better. The three-D Wave rear-use rear suspension of solace provides reasonable tons of traction even on straight off-avenue segments.

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