If you enjoy going on fun adventures through bikepacking but have not found the right website to see all of the information on what bike-packing can offer – you are in for a treat at Bikepackers Magazine. Bikepacking has only become more popular over time as it’s a low-cost way to do some traveling. Instead of spending extra money on fuel for car road trips, you will save that by going bikepacking. Not to mention, while going on those adventures, you become fit and healthy.

Bikepacking became a thing back in 2003, and the appeal of it was the fact it allowed you to experience a variety of traveling and camping adventures without you having to spend an arm and a leg. In addition to that, bike enthusiasts love bikepacking for the sole purpose of it being a cycling outlet that does not focus on racing.

The beauty of bikepacking is that you can explore on any road or path you choose. The only condition is that you leave it in the same condition as when you entered it. Therefore, you can go anywhere that you desire when it comes to bikepacking. However, there are routes too if that is what you choose to do.

Bikepackers Magazine will provide you with Bikepacking 101, travel tips, bikes, gear, guides, as well as hands-on reviews from contributors towards the magazine.


Bikepacking 101

Bikepacking is the hybrid of minimalist camping and mountain biking. There are three genres: expedition and dirt touring, ultralight race and travel, and multi-day mountain biking. If you enjoy bikepacking, but you want to learn more about what it can offer, this is the section to read. If you are just getting started with bikepacking, this is the category to stick to because you will learn about what exciting sports can offer. You can find out about how you can access dirt roads and trails that others cannot access. You will gain some preparation tips on how to make your bikepacking experience flawless and fun. You can learn about participating in large scale endurance races, safety recommendations, and tips for beginners.

Travel Tips

You want to make your bikepacking travel experience as hassle-free as you possibly can. That is why this section has the travel tips you need to utilize to make the most of your trips. You will need a map, a GPS, and extra batteries on the route and accessible to you at all times. It is essential for you to know your water sources and have an orange blaze if you travel at night. Beware that you could come in contact with bears as you travel, as you will want to make sure you have a bear snag and a whistle. What about food to take along with you? That is important because you will need to know about the best meal supplements, freeze-dried foods, back up water pouch, protein bars. In this section, you will learn how to take the necessary items you need for traveling and to keep them lightweight to carry at the same time.


You need to know the genre of bikepacking you are planning to try out. That is important because the type of bike to invest in is the right one for your bikepacking style. In this section, you will learn about the different bikes and what they can offer. You will learn about the right bike for singletrack mountain biking routes, as well as the right one to purchase for gravel bikepacking routes. What if you are interested in dirt-road touring? No problem. You will find the right one for that as well. If you plan to bikepack in a lot of snow, sand, or terrain by the coast, you will want a fat bike. The information on all of that is in this category.


If you are unsure of the right gear to take with you for your bikepacking adventure, then you will learn about that in this category. You know you need clothing, camping gear, the right food to carry with you, a sleeping bag, portable camping kitchen apparatus, lights, helmet, and packs. You need all of that regardless of the bikepacking genre. You will learn about additional gear to bring along that is appropriate for your particular bikepacking trip.


The guides are essential for you to have access to when you begin planning your bikepacking adventure. That way, you know what tips and tricks to utilize when you go camping, spoon making, staying healthy on your trip, bike frame protection, and so on. Whatever you need advice for that is relevant to your bikepacking trip, you will find that in the guides section.

Hands-On Reviews

Are you unsure of the best-quality bike to invest in for your bikepacking trip? You will learn about the recommended bike brands through the recommendations of bikepacking enthusiasts. The same goes for the best type of bike and camping gear and most recommended food sources. If you doubt the best kind of bikepacking apparatus to get, you can rely on the hands-on reviews section to help you make a decision.

Who We Are

Bikepackers Magazine consists of contributors from having a hiking background, backpacking background, and a camping background. There is also a contributor with a wilderness travel background who provides outdoor education. A bicycling expert who is also a bike store salesman is the one who established the site and is the chief editor.