Exclusive Focus Project Y Review

The concept of the Focus Project Y The German start-up company Fazua created The Focus Project Y around a frame-mounted device, giving up to 250 W of strength. In disparity to motors like Bosch and Shimano, the Fazua component is disengaged from the drivetrain when not in motion. It is more compact and lighter. The … Read more

Bianchi Aria E-Road Review

Introduction As we all know that there are different kinds of bicycles, and they all serve the purposes that they are made for, one of the types of bicycles that is gaining traction among bicycle lovers is the electric bike. The reason this is because of the cool features that it has. An electric bike … Read more

Four things to know about electric road bike

Introduction Some sense the rise of e-bikes as a hazard, as though basic bikes will go the path of the penny-farthing once everyone goes electric. But worry not, E-bikes aren’t here to steal from us of our human-powered means of life. They may relatively well endorse it particularly as travel and commuting manners alter pursuing … Read more

Nakto Fat Tire Mountain ebike Review

nakto electric bike fat tire mountain ebike

Ever Heard about electric bikes? Well, that’s the cruise in town. Amongst all electric bikes, there’s a cool one you should know about; Nakto Fat Tire Mountain ebike. The first electric bike invention dated back to as early 1890. 31st December, 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr became the first to grab a US patent 552,271 to … Read more

Electra Townie Bike Review

Electra townie bike

Bike ride takes a beautiful shape with great spices and enhancements on its design, comfort, and control. Most times, you don’t always need to be on a mountain, uphill, rough terrains, rocky paths, burning out fats, energy, and all that. Sometimes all you need is a Townie Electra bike, cool and gently, taking soft rides … Read more

3 Best Rated Electric Bikes in 2021

From the shores of America, down to suburbs of Africa, electric bikes have been gaining wide acceptance. Gone are the days you will have to break a sweat, tons of liquids off your body, pedaling so hard as your life depends on it, just to have your mountain bike scale through a hill. Mountain rides … Read more