Bianchi Aria E-Road Review


As we all know that there are different kinds of bicycles, and they all serve the purposes that they are made for, one of the types of bicycles that is gaining traction among bicycle lovers is the electric bike. The reason this is because of the cool features that it has.

An electric bike usually comes with an integrated motor, whose job is to help with propulsion. Two main types of e-bikes are out there in the market. The first bike is known as one that helps the rider’s pedal-power, and the second is known for its moped-styled functionality.

Anyone who goes to the market to make a purchase does so with some factors in mind. The reason for this is to try and eliminate terrible buying decisions that could lead to buyer’s remorse down the road. Since it is an e-bike, one of the first things you want to ensure is that the bike’s power source is in place so you don’t make a redundant purchase.

The frame of a bike is essential if you want to buy a bike that will last you a while. Two known materials are known to give this property and it is carbon and aluminum. If the bike you want to purchase has one of these materials as the frame build, you can ensure durability.

Also, the weight of the bike is another factor to consider, the reason for this is so you don’t buy something that will be heavy for you to use. If you purchase a bike that doesn’t fit your needs, it will be a waste of money, so you should check if it fits your needs, and if it does, you can then go ahead with the purchase.

There are different types of e-bikes, so choosing the one you will use is crucial since they all have different functions and use is essential. Lastly, you want to look at your budget before going ahead with any purchase; if it doesn’t fit into your range, you might have to find an alternative instead of going broke or taking credit.

Bianchi Aria E-Road

This bike is known to be the second e-bike that has been released by one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of bikes. One of the things known about the bike is the design that appeals to a wide range of people. The bike has been built so that you are ensured it will last you a while, and the reason for this is because of the material that has been used in the frame, which is carbon.

In factors we explained that you should consider before you make a purchase, we touched on the bike’s weight. The weight of this bike is about 12.1 kg which makes it a pretty heavy bike. The wheels are made of aluminum, and it is fitted with a tire that is about 700 x 28C Vittoria IV tires.

The bike makes use of the MAHLE ebikemotion, which is an exemplary implementation that has been added. Although the motor isn’t visible at first because of the way it has been installed, you may be led to believe that this is a conventional bike. It uses one of the best brake systems that you can find, which is the Shimano ultegra.

Lastly, budget is something that everyone looks at before making the final choice; for Bianchi, the price goes for about four thousand euros.

Key Features

It features a MAHLE e-bike motor

It features a carbon frame

It features a 700 x 28C size tire


Brand Name: Bianchi

Bike’s Weight: 12.1 kg


It is easy to use and handle

It is durable because of the material that has been used for the frame


It is expensive

It is heavy


There are different ebike that you can get in the market, and we looked at the Bianchi Aria E-Road, the features of the bike, pros, and the cons. However, before we did so, we looked at the factors you should consider before making a purchase, and as we said, it will help prevent future buyer’s remorse. To read more reviews, visit;

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