Kinesis Tripster AT Gravel Bike Review


Bikes have made a significant impact on the world. This impact can be seen not only in the field of transportation but in other sectors such as sports, hiking, adventure riding, touring, and many others. Bikes have moved people, goods, and services very quickly. It includes the movement of items during home delivery. They have thus proven to not only be a good stepping stone in transportation and recreation and be a source of livelihood, especially for people involved in the business of home delivery and sports. You may wonder why you need a bike when you can drive a car or take a cab, but the answer is here, bikes offer you the most accessible and cheapest transportation, especially one through the narrowest paths that can’t get accessed with cars. It is why bicycles are the best for adventure riding, especially for backpacking. Bike-packing is one of the recreational activities that has become popular recently. It is usually common among students in high school that go for excursions, but most significantly among teens who go camping during summer. It involves camping and riding on bikes. However, when seeking the best bikes have to offer, especially in adventure riding, Kinesis Tripster AT Bicycle is here to provide everything you need.

Kinesis Tripster AT Gravel Bike

Just like human beings, bikes have evolved throughout the years. One of the most significant milestones in its evolution has to be the innovation of a portable and comfortable ride like Kinesis Tripster AT Bicycle. Kinesis Tripster AT Bicycle with the AT standing for “All – terrains” channeling the company’s original titanium ATR(All – terrains race) provides one of the best bikes with its kinesium tubing. Its lightweight helps mediate its speed, and it is well balanced.

The Kinesis Tripster AT frame designed by the late Mike Hall of significant memory and manufactured from kinesium alloy is one of the bike’s unique features. It consists of three bottles mounted on the frame, two mounted on an excellent fit of the edge back, and the third for additional water capacity. It has a suitable steering geometry due to its Futura carbon fork, and the gravel steering allows for easy steering switching. The Alex GD26 rim/ Novatec hub tubeless wheelset provides for a comfortable ride. It has powerful and easily controlled brakes. Its chassis allows the fit-up of massive wide tires, making it accessible to many roads coupled with its fend-off guard ensures its dryness. It is thus used for road cycling, especially for outdoor riding, even during damp periods.

Kinesis Tripster AT frame is the best bike used to overcome horizons and for adventures, mainly because it can easily access almost all types of roads. It provides a comfortable ride with its SRAM Apex Shifters for good shifting and Carbon Futura Cross fork for speed, and It has Kinesis Crosslight V5 tubeless 700C and flip-chip in the Columbus fork for adjustment. It provides a good sitting position for its riders, making the ride enjoyable, and has long chainstays for good grip. All these qualities make it a very versatile and comfortable bike that provides an easy ride for everyone. Even experts testify that to this. Kinesis Tripster AT bike is an easy bike to handle by both experts and amateurs. Another great feature of this bike is that it is very affordable, which is surprising, but an advantage. Also, it is very durable because the materials used to design it are of high tensile strength.


It has a stiff frame.

It has a flared Alloy bar.

It has a Carbon Columbia Futura Cross fork for speed.

It has SRAM Apex Shifters for good shifting


Name; Tripster AT

Brand; Kinesis

Shifters; SRAM Apex 1

Weight; 9.6kg

Trail; 8.8

Seat tube; 51cm

Seat angle; 73

Wheelbase; 106cm

Stem; Ritchey comp 4 Axis alley

Saddle; Kinesis Elite

Bottom bracket; SRAM GXP

Brakes; SRAM Apex 1

Available Sizes; 45.5cm, 48cm, 51cm, 54cm, 55cm, 57cm, 60cm, 63cm

Stack; 59.12cm

Head tube; 17.25cm

Seatpost; Ritchey Aluminum 27.2mm

Drivetrain; SRAM Apex 1/ SRAM Rival 1

Stem; Ritchey Aluminum

Handlebar; Ritchey Evomax Comp

Wheelset; Kinesis Crosslight V5 compatible 700C

Tires; Schwalbe G- one A11 Round aRave Guard 700 × 38 cm


Good steering geometry and great frame design.

Large tires capable of passing moldy roads.

Very affordable.

It provides a comfortable ride for adventures.

It is light and durable.


Not very suitable for huge trips.


Of all the different bike brands in the market, it’s no doubt that Kinesis Tripster AT frame provides the best all-around motorcycle, especially for adventure and pack riding. It is very comfortable for its riders and ensures a comfortable, stable ride. Also, it allows for outdoor riding, even on moldy roads during rainy days. If you’re looking for a good bike for adventure, racing, pack riding, accessible transportation, Kinesis Tripster AT is the best option. Also, it is very affordable, especially if you are on a budget.

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