Evil Chamois Hagar Gravel Bike Review


There are different types of bikes that you can get in the market. However, one of the most popular ones we have out there is the gravel bike. Unlike the road bike, the gravel isn’t used for competitions but is used for adventures rather. This can be attributed to the qualities that the bike has and the utility that it offers to users.

Although there have been some comparisons between the endurance bike and the gravel bike, they are not the same because you can’t use it to go far distances. In addition, the features are different and made for different purposes, which means they have different utilities. There are some things to look out for if you aim to buy the best gravel bike in the market. Using tips to guide your decision-making and purchase is helpful because they make you make better purchases than when you don’t use them.

One of the first and most important tips to consider when you want to purchase is the frame material. You mustn’t make a mistake on this one because it is crucial. Two materials are considered the best when it comes to this because of the benefits gotten when they are used. Aluminum is one of the materials used, and the reason for this is the properties that it has; having a bike that the frame is made with this material assures you that your bike will last a while because it is durable. The second is carbon, and it has similar property utility and is durable. So, if you want to purchase a gravel bike, make sure that one of these materials has been used in the frame.

The weight of a gravel bike is important because you will use it mostly off the road and since you will be taking it on adventure rides with you, it will be important that it isn’t too heavy; else, there will be the tendency that it will wear you out.

The tire is another thing to factor in, gravel bikes use big tires, and the reason is simple, it helps with whatever terrain you might come across, so make sure that this ticks. Lastly, the price is something you should consider and know if it won’t leave you broke because, as we know, most gravel bikes are expensive.

Evil Chamois Hagar Gravel Bike

One of the most standing out features of the Evil Chamois Hagar bike is the tires larger than most gravel bikes that you find out there. The tire has accommodation for about 700 x 50C, which is impressive; this could only be possible due to the dropped chainstays.

When we explained the factors that you should consider before making your final purchase decision, we talked about the frame material because of how crucial it is. We mentioned two most used materials because of the durability that it offers. The Evil Chamois’s frame is made of carbon which ensures durability.

Also, one problem that most gravel cyclists face is the handlebar’s width, and some bikes have been designed with a handlebar that isn’t wide enough to guarantee comfort and stability. However, the Evil Chamois took care of this by having a wide handlebar to give riders comfort and stability while riding.

Another impressive thing that has been featured in the Evil Chamois bike is the mounting points that have been integrated. There are about eight of them, which gives you various options to choose from and allows you to take more than one bottle of water when going on your adventure. Finally, although the bike has good features that make it a good purchase at the end of the day, the weight might be a downside to these beautiful implementations, as it is heavy, weighing around 9 kg.

Key Features

It features eight mounting locations

It features wide handlebars


Brand Name: Evil Chamois

Bike Weight: 9 kg


It is easy to use

It is durable due to the frame material

It isn’t expensive


It is a little bit heavy


Evil Chamois Hagar Gravel Bike is one of the best you can get out there, and we have looked at the features, pros, and cons.

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