Feedback Sports Team Edition Toolkit Review


Feedback Sports is an American company that’s quite new to the tool-making business but is well known for individuals working on bikes. The company is known for its popular work stands that have held multiple bikes for repair over the years, but their branded hand tools are about a year old. They have made a reputation in the cycling world by producing innovative bike stands and accessories for mountain and road bikes.

Arranging a tool kit for a trip or a long weekend of racing might seem like a hassle when it comes to figuring out which tools are worth taking along and what stays behind. To make things easier, Feedback Sports have brought out their Team Edition Tool Kit, which contains nineteen tools that are able to perform up to 25 functions, and they are all packed in a light zip-up carrying case.

The tools contained in the case are extensive; they include two Philips and one flathead screwdriver, three 3-way wrenches for Allen and hex head bolts, a rotor truing tool, 8 mm and 10 mm L-shaped wrenches, a cassette lockring tool, a chain tool, and cassette pliers. However, that’s not all the tools it contains; it also comes with a bottom bracket tool, a spoke wrench, two tire levers, dental pick, crank arm cap tool, cable cutters, a pedal wrench, and a valve core tool. The entire package costs $249.99; you save $18 this way instead of buying each tool individually.

Tool Performance

The tools all have high quality; the handles of the screwdrivers and L-wrenches have a knurled portion that prevents the tool from slipping out of your hand. The 3 way wrenches come with a rubberized portion that makes them ergonomically comfortable to handle. The cable cutter is incredibly strong, so they’re able to make clean cuts. The cassette plier and tool combo makes swapping cassettes easy. The case is arranged in a way that allows you to see if any tool isn’t in place; that way, it is easier to keep track of your tools. The case can also be attached to a bike stand by joining the two plastic rods kept at the center of the case to hold it open.

  • Cassette Pliers: This gadget makes it incredibly easy to swap out cassettes. They are so much easier to use than a chain whip.
  • Three-Way Wrenches: This is a well-known tool for mechanics, the nine Allen and torque keys are the workhorses for most bike projects. They offer precision and push you to keep working until every bolt is in place.
  • Steel Core Tire Levers: Tese tools are quite stiff in the middle but have flexible outers, they are wonderful in the fight against failing rubber. These levers have proven to be indestructible, but handy enough o do their job without marring the carbon hoops. For storage, they snap together, which makes them convenient, but they are also large enough to fit snuggly in your hand and offer more control when dealing with a difficult tire.
  • Dual Sided Pick: If you have ever taken apart a suspension to service the oil or replace the seals, then you would know the importance of a good pick. What makes these tool better than its counterparts is the fact that it comes with dual-sided function and its ergonomic handle. It is easier to flip the tool over instead of putting a pick down to pick up another.

Each tool in the tool kit are all high quality products that serve for long periods; they come with multiple functions, which makes them versatile. The case is made from a durable material that survives almost any condition.

Key Features

25 functions

19 professional-grade tools

TPU Coated travel case

External and internal attachment support structure for mounting

Organizational elastic banding

Water and abrasion-resistant


Brand: Feedback Sports

Model: Team Edition Tool Kit

Weight: 9.8 Pounds

Dimensions: 12.25 * 3 * 14.25 inches

Color: Black and Red

Material: Leather and Aluminum


It is durable and convenient

Its easily transportable

It comes with a work stand hanger that’s great

It contains all the tools you might need in one case


The tire levers couldn’t handle a DH casing

Its quite expensive


If you enjoy mountain biking or any kind of biking, you would know how important biking tools are and how difficult it can be to find all the right tools. Investing in high-quality products is a must; it saves you money and time over the long run and offers you any tool you would need.

The Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit is one of the best tool kits i’ve seen currently available on the market. If you enjoy working on bikes or need a handy toolkit, this tool kit would serve you well.