Felt Breed 20 Gravel Review


Riding a bike comes with many good things; you can easily pass through a narrow road that a bike won’t enable you to; you can transport yourself from one place to another with ease. You can even run a delivery business by delivering goods to people’s doorsteps, and most importantly you can decide to tour your city or countryside. Obstacles come with riding a bike, the comfort of the bike, the type of terrain, and the area’s soil. Some bikes are very comfortable and do not provide a good sitting position, giving you body pains after each ride. Some bikes have bad geometry and low tire clearance making them have low compliance. Some bikes are not reliable, and they can break down at any point of the journey, frustrating your ride. Some bikes cannot ride through countryside lanes that are usually potholed or muddy terrain because mud sticks to their tires and slows the passage, making the ride sad. However, Felt offers you a bike, Felt Breed 20 Gravel, a gravel bike capable of cruising any terrain and soil without worrying about anything.

Felt Breed 20 Gravel Bike

Getting an all-season bike capable of performing maximumly in all times and season is a blessing. Some bikes are afraid of rainy seasons because of the muddy soil and sloppy terrains that come with them. It can not be said if Felt Breed 20 Gravel bike. It has features that take care of any soIl and terrain.

Felt Breed 20 Gravel bike is one of the leading gravel bikes. The frame is made of Superlite aluminum, making it very light and also speedy. It has a very fashionable paint job, making it eye-catching and stunning. Its makers believe fun is the journey and freedom is the goal because fun makes the most of the trip. It also makes freedom the priority, making their riders feel like they’re riding into space. It allows you to ride to places you’ve been afraid to ride to before, breaking boundaries and exploring new places. It has a very good balance and offers a good riding position, preventing body pains after every ride. It can accommodate tires of both 700C and 650B wheels, giving it a high tire clearance.

The Felt Bred 29 Gravel bike get designed for comfort and agility. It cruises on every terrain. It has mudguards that never fail to take care of mud during rainy seasons. It has very easy handling and can easily move through corners. It has high stability, especially at high speed, giving you all the control you need when accelerating. It has very good damping. The tires are wide and very comfortable. The Seatpost adds to the ease and subsequently to its comfort. It comes in several sizes, making it suitable for all sizes. It is also amateur-friendly; beginners can use it during learning.


It has bosses for bottle cages.

It get made from Felt Superlite Aluminum.

It has a high tire clearance accomodating up to 700C and 650B

It has a Dreams Force CX1 frameset.

It has Devox wheels, a seat post, and a cockpit.


Brand: Felt

Name: Felt Breed 20 Gravel bike

Groupset: SRAM Force CX1

Cassette: SRAM Force

Wheels: Devox

Tires:Vittoria Terreno Dry

Seat post: Devox 25 mm

Handlebar: Gravel SL, 460 mm

Stem: Devox, 100 mm

Weight: 9.4 kg

Available size: 47, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm

Headset: Felt

Tyres:Vittoria Terrano Dry

Stem: Devox stem

Shifter: SRAM Force

Seatpost: Devox carbon C2

Saddle: Prologo Dimension NDR T4.0

Rear derailleur: SRAM Force

Handlebar: Devox DBar

Bottom bracket: Praxis T47

Frame:Superlite aluminium

Fork: UHC carbon


It is very light.

It is comfortable.

It has a high tire clearance

It has high-quality designs

It is very agile and balanced.


There exists no balance of compliance of the rear and front.


Felt Breed 20 Gravel bike guarantees you a fun and comfortable ride with wider tires, Seatpost, and a light aluminum-made frame. It can get used to going down country sides and most soils.