Firmstrong Bicycle Review

Overview People enjoy durability and stability to everything else when it comes to firmstrong bicycles. Individuals aspire to search for a bicycle built with high-quality components and excellent design features, including an economical price label. Buying something online would entail many headaches often, as consumers are overwhelmed with numerous items and lots of advertising techniques … Read more

Scotland Bike Tours

Introduction Different people have various reasons for engaging in specific activities when it comes to games and sporting activities. Some people do it because they love the sport and it relaxes them; some do it for exercise and physical care reasons while others engage in those sports to get better and compete against other athletes. … Read more

9 Best Chain Lubes for Bikes in 2021

Muc-Off Check Latest Price WD 40 Check Latest Price Teflon Check Latest Price Everyone who has a bike and uses it will testify that the metal on metal friction that occurs, in the long run, affects the efficiency of the bike. Different people use lubricants that will help reduce the amount of friction that goes ... Read more

10 Best Cheap Road Bikes in 2021

VILANO SHADOW 3.0 ROAD BIKE Check Latest Price GIORDANO LIBERO ROAD BIKE Check Latest Price RALEIGHCADENTROADBIKE Check Latest Price Cycling is a sport that is not only done for competitive and medal purposes. Cycling is also an enjoyable recreational sport: many families and individual go on cycling vacations just to have fun and spend quality ... Read more

10 Best Bike Bells in 2021

Knog Oi bike bell Check Latest Price Sportout 2 pack bike bell Check Latest Price BONMIXC bike bell Check Latest Price One of a cyclist's priorities is safety. Not only his safety but also of others. When cycling, people tend to be walking and usually, they can be walking on the way you want to ... Read more

Schwinn Super Le Tour Review

Introduction If you are love cars and you have a boatload of cash, you are likely to start spending money on vintage cars at some point. Even though you might have the latest Lamborghini or Ferrari, there is this unique appeal that a 1970 Mercedes Benz possesses, and you would want to have it parked … Read more

5 Best Cruiser Bikes For Women in 2021

best cruiser bike for women

Are you looking for the best women cruiser bike to buy, trust me, we’ve got the coolest bike that will suit your taste and budget? We have gathered a list of the best cruiser bike for the ladies that can be taken to the open road and also serves as a very heartwarming gift to … Read more

7 Best Pink Bicycle For Toddlers in 2021

pink bicycle for toddlers

As your toddlers are growing, it is necessary you fix them into exercising by getting them a bicycle. Pink, Blue, or Red, colors may differ, but it is paramount to affirm the safety of the bike, as your kid’s health is the utmost priority. It should be a preferable safety plan to get your toddlers(1-3 … Read more

Disc Brakes Vs. Rim Brakes

Introduction Every piece of equipment designed to transport human beings must have two major components; acceleration and stoppage. Without these two features, you are likely not to move at all or involve yourself (and someone else in an accident). If you look at motor vehicles, the accelerator is designed to increase your speed, and the … Read more

5 Best Touring Bikes in 2021

FUJI Altamira 2.1 Bike Check Latest Price Trek 520 Disc Touring Bike Check Latest Price Surly Long Haul Trucker Check Latest Price Bicycles have been an excellent means of transportation and have dated back to centuries before the emergence of cars and other alternative means of road transportation. A touring bike is a bicycle designed ... Read more

Free Camping In Canada

Introduction Oh, Canada, what a place to be for tourists. Canada comes with lots of magnificence that will thrill you from the very first day you step into the country. However, with the lots of beauty and endless fun available for enjoyment in the country, the best way to truly experience it all is to … Read more

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 mountain Bike Review

Overview Amongst the many fun activities out there is hill biking and it is certainly another of my five best hobbies to be doing. That being said, to ensure that you cherish the period of biking and discovering pathways and waterways, you ought to have a good mountain bicycle if you go exploring. CLICK HERE … Read more

Schwinn Sanctuary Review

Introduction Cycling is one of those sports that has a place for everybody. While some cyclers plan to become athletes, other cyclers ride for exercise. However, the majority of people with bicycles ride for relaxation and commuting. If you fall within this last category, you need a bike designed for comfort and performance. This Schwinn … Read more

Best Apps for Biking

Introduction Technological advancement is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. Technology helps us move around faster, connect with our loved ones faster and live more comfortable lives. Even though sports and outdoor activities are majorly physical activities, technology still plays a very important role in making any game more regulated, comfortable, and … Read more

4 Best Pink Bicycles For Girl in 2021

best pink bicycles for girl

Cycling took a new turn as the girl’s gender embraced the sport. The Feminine flare for pink products as a sign of beauty and the careful need for safety makes it a necessary consideration amongst manufacturers to include style, design, and quality into their preferences for bicycles. Initially, Female bicycles were limited to three-wheeler bicycles. … Read more

Schwinn S25 Mountain Bike Review

Introduction There various forms of cycling, and riders naturally choose after some time. If you a cycler and you prefer road biking, then you need to get a road bike. If you like mountain biking, then you need to get a mountain bike. However, the reality is that most cyclers still rent their bikes because … Read more

Diamondback Bike Vs. Trek Bike

Introduction When we go to the super bowl or watch a basketball match, the only thing that interests us is the game between the two competing sides. However, we all know a lot is put in place by both the league and team management before any game can be possible. This is also the case … Read more

Carbon Vs. Aluminum Mountain Bikes

Introduction If you are a bike enthusiast, you would know that one of the most common cycling forms is mountain biking. Mountain biking involves riding your bicycle on off-road trails; some of these trails are forest paths that allow you to enjoy nature’s scenery, while others are rough terrains filled with multiple obstacles. Some of … Read more

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Review

Introduction There are plenty of mountain bikes on the market, but they all have various features and advantages. If you are new to mountain biking, you need a bike designed to help you attain peak performance. One of such bikes is this Schwinn Protocol 1.0. this bike is designed with unique features that make mountain … Read more