How To Choose A Mountain Bike And Tips To Consider

INTRODUCTION Mountain riding as a sport has advanced significantly since mountain bikes were mass-produced in the 1980s. Mountain bikes have improved greatly today and are impressive, all-purpose machines built to deliver on different kinds of rails. Thanks to the latest designs and technologies, mountain bikes are versatile and so advantageous that choosing which one to … Read more

Beginner Tips On How To Stake A Tent

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Festka Spectre Space Odyssey Edition Review

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10 Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

Introduction If you have ever gone mountain biking, then you would want to go again. Mountain biking offers a unique experience that other types of cycling cannot possibly give you. The terrains you have to navigate, the obstacles you have to cross, and the unique nature that keeps you invigorated are all a wonderful part … Read more

Travelling: How to keep in contact with home

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The all-road paradise to San Vigillo

Introduction From the secluded and very peaceful valley of St. Vigil, there are endless choices open to the noble cyclist, from iconic alpine ratifies to deserted and forgotten mountain roads into fresh nature. The species of roads and single-track were verified to be the precise arena to put the road and gravel bikes. Climbing – … Read more

Understanding bike fit: How does it work; do you need one?

Overview Bike fitting is the procedure that pertains to pairing a rider to their bike to obtain the best feat while reducing any likelihood of injury. Cycling is an extremely low effect activity but even so, difficulties can arise if you’re not set up correctly. When you ride your bike, you finalize more and lots … Read more

8 Reasons Why We Should Drop The Drop Bars On Touring Bikes

Introduction On this platform, we have repeated it severally that the difference between the average cyclist and the professional cyclist is the amount of information they have about their bike and how their bike functions in different scenarios. If you are an experienced bike packer and have been exploring the world with your bike, you … Read more

What tyre pressure should you use for bicycle touring?

Introduction Have you ever thought if your tyre pressure is excess or too little? Have you ever pinched flatted, or burst a tyre off the side of a rim? Has your rim ever broken on the inside rim wall where you can’t notice it? If we correlate our recommended pressures with those of a manufacturer, … Read more

What is the difference between cyclocross and touring bikes?

Introduction Road bikes are constructed for execution on mainly adequately paved roads. They are the lightest weight of the 3 sectors, have the shortest wheelbase, lowest bottom bracket, and the steepest headtube angles. These geometry characteristics enable the bike to respond to rider inputs promptly and to amass a low hub of gravity which is … Read more

What is bikepacking bike, is it different from standard bike?

Introduction Move over panniers and racks. Bikepacking bags are coming to be more platitude in the world of bike travel, and so is the bikepacking bike. We’ve noticed a huge stake in demand for bikepacking merchandise over the past few years backpacking bag production is no more the cottage industry it once was. Multinational bag … Read more

Understanding bicycle frame geometry

Introduction Learning the basics of bike geometry appropriately will support your cycling. The geometry of a bike is very significant when it arrives at getting a new purchase, as it promptly influences the way you ride, and the optimal geometry is distinct for various types of cycling. Your initial orientation to this arcane science will … Read more

What is the best way to spend a night off work?

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Comprehensive guide to bike packing racing

Introduction Bike packing racing is a recent and unusual skill set, gratitude to its independent nature. You ideally need to appreciate a lot about bikes, equipment, nutrition, hydration, training, psychology, weather climates and sleep management. It seizes years to build an apparent understanding of all of these topics. You know, episodes like the Tour Divide, where … Read more

How to set a tubeless tire on a road or gravel bike

Introduction Tubeless systems have been available for a few years for mountain bikes with noticeable advantages. Without internal tubes, there is no necessity to worry about dreaded touch flats which transpire when the tube is squeezed between the ground and the rim. And, without bothering about pinch flats, you can run vastly lower tire pressure … Read more

How to mount front and rear bike packing lights

Introduction Utilizing front and rear daytime Running Lights on every ride is an authorized means to increase your vision. But it’s significant to mount them appropriately to get the most advantage. Learn how to inaugurate them correctly by emerging along with our confusing steps video and the instructions below. Step-by-step mounting instruction for Bontrager lights … Read more

How to service a road bike chain.

Introduction A clean bike chain isn’t only for aesthetics maintaining your chain clean will enable it to operate better, run quietly, and lengthen its life. Besides, it’ll furthermore save those dreaded grease stains at the inlet. How frequent you tidy up your drivetrain, and to what degree, will fluctuate banking on your lube choice, riding … Read more