8 Reasons Why We Should Drop The Drop Bars On Touring Bikes


On this platform, we have repeated it severally that the difference between the average cyclist and the professional cyclist is the amount of information they have about their bike and how their bike functions in different scenarios. If you are an experienced bike packer and have been exploring the world with your bike, you would have noticed that your bike might function better if you adjust a few things. One of the best adjustments you can make regarding your touring bike is to drop the drop bars. Drop bars are suitable for road biking, but they come with a few disadvantages. In this article, we have discussed the reasons why you should drop the drop bars on your touring bike and the benefits you will enjoy when you eventually get this done. Enjoy!

Eight reasons why we should drop the drop bars on touring bikes

Better Bike Handling

The way you handle your bike is what shows your expertise as a rider. If you cannot smoothly move your bike and react fast to the environment, then you won’t be able to enjoy yourself on tour. You might also have to deal with balance because you would have to put many things like bags, cargo cages, and others on your bike when touring. If your handlebars are narrow, it becomes increasingly difficult to ride your bike. However, if you use wide bars, you would be able to move around conveniently.

Better brake levers

Brakes are essential in any bike, and you have to make sure they function effectively before going out on any tour. When you stop using drop bars, it becomes easier to maintain your cables. You can easily remove your stainless-steel cables lubricate them. This will allow your bike to break more easily. Another thing you get to enjoy when you stop using drop bars is the grip. Flat bars have an ergonomic grip that allows you to wrap your thumb and three fingers around the handle. When you use a drop bar, you can only cover two fingers and your thumb around the handle.

Affordable, cost-effective alternatives

Drop bars are not ridiculously expensive. However, they are more costly than alt bars. If you want to change your bars, you should consider buying flat bars or wide bars. This decision will save you money, and it will also make your ride comfortable.

Multiple available options

If you decide on using alternative handlebars for your bike, you will find many available options about sizes and hand positions. You can pick anyone that suits your best and enjoy your ride.

Avoid bar tapes

Most drop bars have a nice feel on the hand because of the bar tapes. Bar tapes are put on the bars by athletes because of the firm; ergonomic feel that it provides. However, you should know that bar tapes can get damaged at any time, or they can unwrap themselves. When you are on tour, and this happens, you might not be able to find the time to repair it, and this will lead to you being uncomfortable on your journey.

Ergonomic grips

Most alternative bars use ergonomic grips, and from the opinions of countless bikers, ergonomic grip handles are way better than bat tape handles. If you are going touring, then you should take a bike that will make you comfortable at any point in your journey.

Flawless system

If you decide to use MTB derailleurs with MTB shifters, you would have a flawless system. This is why it is necessary to drop the handlebars when you go biking touring.

Rohloff/pinion shifter compatibility

Rohloff was initially intended for a flat handlebar. If you use this with it instead of a drop bar, your touring experience will go smoothly.

Why you should keep the drop bars on touring bikes

Even though we advise you to replace your drop bars with alternative bars, there are still some advantages to using drop bars. One of them is that you can quickly reduce your body’s frontal area and descend downwind easily. Another point is that drop bars work best if you don’t have much weight to carry.


If you want your bike to give you the best touring experience, you must be ready to tweak a few things. Dropping the drop bars is one of these few things, and you can be sure that your tour bike will run smoothly and you can ride better. We have already shown you why you should stop using drop bars and the advantages you derive from completing this action. Cheers! It is left to you to choose if you would do it or not.