3 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 in 2021

Ever wondered how you could get a bike that has feature combinations of a road bike and a mountain bike? Hybrid Bikes are constructed exactly for this purpose, but the issue always lies in getting the best of them especially for under 500 dollars.

Hybrid Bikes are built to have the sturdy strong frame of mountain bikes, although lightweight but with the ability to travel at great speeds through gravel tracks and pavements.

Hybrid bikes work as a cross-breed between racing bikes and mountain bikes.

400;”>Hybrid Bikes are usually lightweight and its fashioned tires offer great speed rides as a result of low frictional resistance.

Although an average hybrid bike might not match up to the speed of road bikes as they deliver commuting speeds of up to 17mph, the beautiful thing about hybrid bikes is that they have a comfortable sitting feel, styled by the upright ride position as it is also found in mountain bikes.

Irrespective of the good build of a hybrid bike, it is necessary that every rider carries out extensive research before purchasing one.

There are many factors that can decide the speed of your hybrid bike. Some of which are bike tires, bike frame, ergonomic design, and riders weight. A careful analysis of these features gives you a better market edge.

best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars

This review extensively covers the best hybrid bikes that you can get for 500 dollars and below.

2020/2021 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Unisex Bike 


Size: 16-inch Frame/28 inch wheel

Material: Aluminum-Steel

Weight: 35.5 Pounds

Price: $345.02




400;”>Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike is a 21-speed lightweight bike designed on durable terms for men and women.

This bike sports a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur and an SRAM shifter. Its 21 gear enhancement offers a wide range of speed options to the rider.

It is constructed in an ergonomic design, an adjustable alloy stem, with a straight-designed, swept-back handlebar that offers the rider an upright position while riding, highly preventing back strains, an anatomic grip to ensure firm handlebar grips, a four-finger brake function for comfortable stops through different speed levels.

This no. 1 bestseller hybrid bike on Amazon is constructed with an alloy crank and suspension fork which keeps the rider and the bike on safe measures through rough rides and bumpy terrains.

Fitted with a 28inch wheel, an alloy wheel rim, 4 gauge 278-280ms steel spokes, a Promax alloy linear-pull brake system, gear carriers, and an adjustable seat frame to accommodate your height.

This unique Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike comes with extra accessories for customer comfort. These accessories include; rear racks, fenders to keep you from dirt splashes through commute rides.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Multiple Gears
  • Rear Rack and Fenders
  • Large Seat
  • Part Replacement from Schwinn company


  • Less durable wheel spokes that might not survive much weight impacts.

Sixthreezero EvryJourney Women’s Hybrid bike


Size: 26-inch wheel size/17 inch Frame

Material: Aluminum

Weight: 39 Pounds

Price: $499.99




If you are in need of an affordable hybrid cruiser bike, then the sixthreezero EvryJourney is your best choice.

This 17-inch aluminum frame hybrid bike is designed to an ergonomic design that offers you a straight back frame and sitting posture, comfortable joints, and bones, relaxed legs, as you take your ride.

This hybrid bike was constructed to give every woman the opportunity to have superb ride experiences, no matter the distance they will wish to embark on, offering them assurance of comfort, ease, beauty, and style.

Sixthreezero EvryJourney bike comes in different speed variations. There is the 7-speed, 1-speed, 21-speed, and 3-speed model.

However, the price attached and reviews are written here are strictly for the 7-speed model. 

Its 7 speed Shimano gear offers different speed options for track runs.

For durability, it is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame that also aids additional speed allowance during rides, and a 2-inch semi-slick tire to achieve perfect road traction as they have a cushion road effect.

Its ergonomic design offers long legs stretchability as the rider can easily place both feet on the ground during stops, and also offers a beautiful standover geometry for riders even if they choose to stand while riding.

Sixthreezero is fitted with a comfortable handlebar, a step-through frame that supports leg adjustments, and a 7-speed Derailleur laced up with dual handbrakes; front and rear which ensures you a smooth stopping ability.

Additional features include a synthetic soft leather seat, fenders, reflectors, and rear racks.

This 26-inch hybrid bike is a perfect fit for riders between size ranges of 5-6ft.


  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Seat Spring Suspension
  • Comes 80% assembled during the purchase
  • Multiple Gears


  • No chain/wheel Guards.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle


Size: 26 inch wheel size/ 19 inch Frame

Material: Aluminum

Weight: 18kg

Price: $714.35




Just a little variation from the Sixthreezero Evry Journey Women’s hybrid bike, this bike looks slightly similar to its counterpart, with features that make it unique on its lane.

Designed with a matte black color frame, seat, and grips, to depict a strong sense of manliness for riders. An ergonomic sitting position that offers a straight body frame during rides and a saddle laced with a high-density base that saves your butt from going sour amidst long rides.

Its seat is designed to a wide stretch to accommodate your size.

This bike is constructed with 7 speed Shimano gears that give you multiple speed options.

2-inch semi-glossy tires that are a wise option for road/tracks, an ergonomic design that keeps you straight, hands stretched, and greatly helps you achieve unclogged joints and bones.

Fitted with a dual brake system; rear and front hand brakes, and just like every other Evry Journey cruiser bike, it’s standover position offers the rider an opportunity to properly extend his legs and also place both legs on the ground in between stops.

This 26-inch bike is a perfect fit for riders between size ranges of 5-6feet.


  • Multiple Gears
  • Bike Accessories; Fenders, Rear Rack, Reflector
  • Black Coated Spokes; Durability
  • Sealed Crank Bearing
  • Easy Gear shifts
  • Limited Warranty


  • Beginner riders always have Issues with setting and adjusting brakes.

And that’s all we have for you on the best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars. If you have any questions or feel there are some other hybrid bikes below $500 worth mentioning. Please let us know via the comment. Thanks.