Festka Spectre Space Odyssey Edition Review


There are different types of bikes you can get in the market, and they all serve a purpose; and in addition to that, they get suited for a particular niche of persons. Looking at the Festka Space Odyssey, we can say that it has some similarities with the BMW i8. However, looking at similarities isn’t the purpose of this review.

Before anyone purchases a bike, some factors or attributes are examined to ensure no reget gets made. If the bike they wish to purchase does not have these features, buying it is out of the picture because it doesn’t tick the requirements needed, so you don’t regret it down the road.

The first thing people who want to buy a bike do to check is how comfortable it will be in use. There are things they look at to figure this out, and the first of them is the size of the bike; if there isn’t a size in the collection of the cycle, they will have to make do with another that fits right with them.

Also, the type of bike is essential, because as we have said earlier, there are different cycles, and they all serve various purposes as they have gotten made with them in mind. Design is another important thing; if you don’t love the design of a product that you intend to buy, the chances that you will go with it is low. Lastly, the material and the budget also plays a huge factor, and if all fall into the right place with you, making the purchase will be the logical thing to do.

Festka Spectre Space Odyssey Edition

One of the good attributes that the Festka Spectre Space Odyssey has is its lightweight it has, and this helps make the rider have complete control over the bike in whatever terrain they might find themselves riding. Also, the carbon tube tires have to make acceleration happen at an incredible pace, which happens quickly without any difficulty. The design has gotten made in a precise and comfortable way; also, the rim brakes help ensure that you have control of the bike in full because of how powerful it works.

The cycle price is at a reasonable price which means that this might fit into your budget. Considering the features it comes with, and this is a good bet for you. Also, the frame gets made with carbon, so you are ensured of the bike’s durability. Also, the downside that comes with this bike is that even though it might fit into your budget, the price is relatively high. In addition, you can have the cycle customized to your taste, although this will cost you more.

The downsides that come with the purchase of the Space Odyssey is the high price, and also, the shift doesn’t move as one will expect it to; however, regardless of this, other factors tick.


There are features that all bikes come with, and the elements will determine if the purchase that you will make will be worth it or not. Below, we look at some of the features you can enjoy when using the Festka Spectre Space Odyssey edition.

It has rim brakes which enjoy that the braking is powerful and swift

It features a carbon tube tire which makes acceleration fast, speedy, and easy

It features a carbon frame that attests to its durability

It features a design that has gotten streamlined for precision


Brand Name: Festka

Weight: 7 kg

Brake System: Rim Brakes


It is easy to use and control

It is durable due to the material used in the production

It is lightweight, which makes it easy to use


The shift doesn’t work as smooth as expected

It is expensive


In the introduction, we said there are different types of bikes, and the features it has will determine if it is a good buy. We also looked at the pros and cons that involve the cycle. From all we looked at we can tell that the Space Odyssey is worth the money spent on the purchase because of the value which will be gotten due to the features.

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