The all-road paradise to San Vigillo


From the secluded and very peaceful valley of St. Vigil, there are endless choices open to the noble cyclist, from iconic alpine ratifies to deserted and forgotten mountain roads into fresh nature. The species of roads and single-track were verified to be the precise arena to put the road and gravel bikes.

Climbing – Sports & fun

The Dolomites with their popular rock faces are part of the most symbolic and desirable areas for climbers. The immediate surroundings of San Vigilio, though, don’t accentuate any refined clambering routes but offer several climbing likelihoods as alternatives to the popular and congested Dolomitic climbing routes.

Soon before Rifugio Pederü, in the Nature Park Fanes Senes Braies, just some hundred metres from the main road, two clambering areas have been tooled up with bottom anchors. They give numerous training routes with one or two lengths of rope and levels of problem that differ from III° to VI+. The second likelihood to put ones climbing abilities to the inkling is to be found in Pederü, between the first and the third bend of the street inscription for Fodara Vedla. Here, virtually all routes are no longer than one pitch and outline grades of problems that range from III° to VII°. For lovers of the elegant climbing routes, San Vigilio gives some very unusual bonbons, convenient just for excellent climbers who love drastic challenges and don’t dissuade from attempting to ascent by the perspective of steepest rock faces. The huge flagstones of Cima Nove are depicted as the most unique climbing routes of the Dolomites. We are speaking about routes of about a hundred metres long, on smooth flagstones, to clamber as near as apparent to the rock face. The drawback differs from the IV° to the VII° degree. The most popular routes are the Direttissima Messner and the Heidi.

The most expert climbers may also wager on the routes of Col Bechei starting on the side of Fanes Grande. There is a sequel of alpine highways with a high level of complication which is acceptable only for authorized and trained climbers. We advise climbers to ask the alpine guides of San Vigilio and to get competent assistance because clambering is fun only if performed in complete protection.

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Holidays for Kids in SAN VIGILIO

San Vigilio di Marebbe is the motherland of children. The whole touristic proposal is modified to the needs of our little guests. A wide playground with all feasible comfort and lots of space, where children may run around freely and dabble in detailed security. And then tons of small and peaceful streets to walk with prams, far off from the traffic in transit, which doesn’t transpire in San Vigilio anyway. Even the strategy of events takes children into high deliberation.

CASA BIMBO, the child care centre with competent staff, offers child-care service for children from birth to ten years old in a mainly governed and common ambience with adaptable calendars to be selected by the parents and with personalized pedagogical strategies. Rooms, furniture, safety precautions, diet and hygiene are controlled with commonness by experts delivered by the child-care federation to ensure quality ideals all along.

Mountain Refuges in The Dolomites

The mountain refuges are the most impressive hiking goals for lots of visitors as well as local people who look for entertainment in a peaceful, tranquil and safe atmosphere. The refuges of San Vigilio are positioned in strategic areas in the heart of the Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Braies and other such wonderful locations that it would be a real embarrassment to miss some of them. Most refugees can be caught up easily on foot, by ropeway or by car. All of them give sleeping accommodation, bar and restaurant. They inform hikers to notify themselves about opening times and openings of the refuges, before setting out on a tour. The refuges are the favourite destination for all those who like short and fascinating walks and give logistical assistance for hiking tours stretching over numerous days.

Pure Adrenaline

If you want to discern that adrenaline buzz, you don’t often have to keep both feet on the ground. Zooming down into the valley on a zip wire will give you that unspeakable rush you’re yearning for as you disembark three kilometres, starting from a height of 400m. The nicest thing about it all? The zipline is free in summer and winter.

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