6 Different Ways to Predict Weather Without a Forecast


If you want to be an outdoor explorer, you need to learn the technical skills to help you survive the outdoors. It would be best if you learned how to start a campfire, set up camp, and a lot of other things. However, as you continue to explore the outdoors and engage in multiple adventures, you begin to pick up soft outdoor skills. One essential outdoor soft skill that experienced explorers have is reading the weather and knowing when it is about to turn. This skill will help you avoid many pitfalls when you venture into the outdoors. For example, if you plan to go bicycle touring and notice the weather turning, you can easily set up camp and get comfortable before it starts to pour. If you are not sure how to accurately predict the weather, you are reading the right blog post. This article has been carefully combined to show you all the signs that the weather gives when it is about to turn. Enjoy!

Six different ways to predict weather without a forecast

Red Skies

One of the best ways to confirm that weather is going to turn is by looking at the color of the skies. Logically, if blue, clear skies signify sunny, lovely days, then what do red skies represent? The answer on your mind is correct, but it is not that simple. You see, when the sun rises in the morning, it is blocked by clouds, and it cannot give out its whole light, so it is usually red. However, when dark clouds suddenly hamper sunlight during the day, those are clear indications that the clouds are full and rain is about to fall. So when you see red skies in the shadows, you should find shelter as soon as you can. Then, if the rain doesn’t fall within 30 to 45 minutes, you can be on your merry way.

Animal Behavior

Human beings are the alpha predators on the planet, and we have found a way to make this planet our own. These days, everything is so good that we have created comfortable cubicles to stay safe from rain and harsh weather. However, not every living thing on earth is as lucky as human beings. Animals in water and on land have to deal with extreme weather constantly, and they have survived this long by learning how to read the temperature and adjust if need be. Most animals are sensitive to changes in the skies, and they will find shelter if rain comes. However, remember that they have fur, and you don’t make sure you are looking at the skies and reading the animals in the forest as you proceed on your bike packing journey.

Campfire Smoke

Another obvious to tell if the weather is going to turn is by looking at your campfire. Fire has a lot to do with oxygen and air pressure, and it always reacts when there is a change in the environment. Therefore, you can know if the rain will fall by looking at the movement of smoke from the fire. When the smoke coming from the fire is rising into the air steadily, then the weather is stable, and you can go ahead to enjoy your evening. However, if the smoke is descending and moving fast with the wind, you should understand that rain is about to fall and make adequate preparations quickly.


When it comes to reading the weather, human beings have always tried to read the clouds. Although a change in the look of the clouds might not be a sure confirmation that rain will fall, however, it is a solid pointer. When the clouds are clear and white, we are usually not expecting any rain. However, when the clouds form a soft, grey veil, it might be a pointer that rain is about to fall.

Calm conditions

The phrase, the calm before the storm is quite popular, and it is applicable when you are trying to read the weather. When there is a high-pressure region in the clouds, the formation of rain is very likely.


Another way you can predict the weather is by noticing the humidity of your environment. Wood is generally smooth. However, when you see that the wood around you is getting sticky, this might indicate that rain is about to fall, and you should take cover.


It’s always good to understand what is happening in your immediate environment to respond and make accurate decisions that will save you stress. When you can adequately predict when the rains will start, you can effectively respond. This article has provided you with pointers that will make this job easy. Enjoy!