10 Awesome New Tech Innovations for Bike packing Bags


Imagine going on a trip, and the traveling bag rips open. This is not only extremely uncomfortable; it is also embarrassing. You should make sure your luggage is securely packed in a strong, durable bag. When you are traveling on a plane, your bag is packed securely, which means a low probability of getting damaged. However, if you are going bicycle touring, your bag will be subjected to much harsher conditions, and if it is not strong enough, it will get damaged. This is why outdoor gear manufacturers have put a lot of effort into making special bags that serve outdoor explorers when they go bike packing. In this article, we will discuss the strides that manufacturers of outdoor bike packing bags have made and the new tech innovations. Enjoy!

Ten amazing new tech innovations for bike packing bags

Stabilized Rear Seat Packs

When you pack your gear securely in a high-quality bag, you can easily set it down on your seat post, and it will stay without any support. However, if you are in a rush and pack your gear in a disorganized way, the bag will sway, and you would have to support it if you want it to stay in one place. This is where the stabilized rear seat pack innovation becomes relevant. Innovative bike packing bag manufacturers now use metal structures in the bag’s outer layer to increase bag rigidity.

Handlebar Cradles

Handlebar bags tend to roll up against your hand when you are riding your bag. However, bike packing bag manufacturers have innovated a cradle bag that stays right where you put them. If you intend to enjoy the benefits of this bag, you have to know that they weigh more, and that can impact your riding.

Waterproof Bike packing Bags

When you are riding, you are not likely to get into any water body, and that is probably why bike packing bag manufacturers did not think to produce waterproof bike packing bags until last year. Waterproof bike packing bags are another welcome innovation.

Cuben Fiber Bike packing bags

Cuben fiber is one of the original materials used in producing lightweight gear. The good news is that it is now being used in producing bike packing bags. This means that bags now weigh less, and you can use them comfortably.

Bike packing bags for the front or rear

At the moment, bike packing bag manufacturers are currently trying to produce bike packing gags for the front and rear sides of the bicycle. This means that your bag will be more versatile, and you can easily lend it to friends and fellow bike packers.

Integrated frame bags

Another great innovation that bike packing manufacturers have come up with is producing bike packing bags with integrated frames. When you use bike packing bags with integrated frames, the strapless design will not rub on your frame, and they are clean. It would be best if you used a bike with frames to mount bags. However, with integrated bikes, you don’t have to use frames on your bike.

Modular frame bags

If you want a bike packing bag that can compress and enlarge easily but you are yet to see anything like that on the market, you would not have to wait for long again. The modular frame bag is another wonderful innovation that allows you to enjoy a full-frame bag and a half-frame bag in one bag.

Bike packing bags for dropper seat posts

If you bike pack on hairy roots, then this bike packing bag innovation is for you. This bike packing bag is specifically made for bike packing bags for dropper seat posts. When you use this bag, you can ride with ease.

Handlebar Harnesses and Seat Pack Holsters

Another great innovation on bike packing bag manufacturers is a two-piece design that sees the handlebar harnesses and seat pack holsters stay close to each other. The major benefit of using this bag is that you can easily access the drybag when you need it instead of bringing down your whole bike packing bag and searching for just one item.

Drybag Zippers

Cyclers know how hard it is to access drybags from their bike packing bags. While some manufacturers have tried to solve the problem by creating a two-piece design, others have solved the problem by creating a drybag zipper on the bag to access your drybags when you need them easily.


If you are a bike packer, you would need different bags from traveling through conventional routes. Your bags must be strong enough to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, and they must be uniquely designed with special features that set them apart from regular products. In our blog post, we have outlined some of the best new tech innovations for manufacturing bike packing bags. Enjoy!