3 Best Cycling Cameras in 2021

You are planning to buy a camera to record your cycling adventure?

That’s the right choice.

But before you set out in purchasing one, you will actually be needing some tips and a well-detailed guideline on how and where to get the best ones and for a fair price.

Ranging from the need to record your interesting rides and adventure, your bike stunts, cornering skills, as well as nature’s beauty, the environment’s survey or maybe record an event, act as a spy to record some suspicious happenings, the need to own a cycling camera cannot be overstretched.

Considering the fact that both of your hands should be placed on the bike’s handlebar during rides, it will be difficult to carry a Cycling Camera on your hands while you ride, all because of your safety.

Bike cycling cameras are designed in such a way to fit on your bike’s handlebar, helmet, body vest, seat post, or on your arm, with strong fittings to avoid shadowy and shaky video quality.

However, before setting out to purchase a cycling camera, there are few things you should look out for.

Qualities of a good cycling camera

1. Recording Quality

It will be wise you check out the quality of your video camera. There are different video resolutions; 720p, 1080p, 4K, all in HD. These different video resolutions provide better video quality in their relating projection. 720p which provides the least video quality while 4k cameras provide high cameras provide better high definition videos.
Always confirm the quality of the camera you are purchasing.

2. Lens Degree

Cameras with larger lens angles provide a wider view, with sharper and clearer image quality. I bet you will love to record every style and detail of the event on the road without any hazy view.

3. Camera Durability

Plastics Cameras tend to break easily. It is wise you choose cameras that are built with high tense materials that will sustain and withstand external pressure.

Without much ado over nothing, and the enlightenment thus far, I will be offering you an extensive review on the best Cycling cameras available, with an in-depth analysis on each of them, as well as cheaper vendors where you can easily get them.


So far, AKASO V50X remains a great upgrade in the AKASO cycling camera family. This cycling camera is designed with a 2 inch IPS touch screen, H.265 Video Codec, Micro HDMI, Micro USB, and enhanced manufacturing specs which allow for driving mode helping you record videos without shadow effects, distortion calibration, and slow-motion video-enabled which supports clearer videos no matter the speed motion you are on, WDR, ISO, White Balance, and support for audio record.

AKASO V50X is designed with a long battery life capacity. Fitted with 2 rechargeable 1350mAh batteries which support video recording up to 180 minutes depending on the video spec you are using. This amazing camera supports a recording Time of 180 mins for video recordings on 720P for each battery, 90mins for 1080P, and 60 mins for 4K/2.7K. All Video Formats are in MP4 format.

AKASO V50X has a custom accessory kit, packed with numerous tools for your camera customization. Tools which include; a Battery Charger, a Waterproof Case, helmet mount, Remote Control, USB Cable, bandages, mount, Bicycle Stand, Tethers, Protective Backdoor, Lens Cloth, and a Quick Reference Guide.

AKASO V50X has an Electronic Image Stabilization which corrects camera shakes and offering better video output.
This camera has an adjustable view, offering you the opportunity to adjust your camera lens angle from degrees ranging from 70° to 170°.

AKASO V50X has a supported memory capacity of 64GB and a working temperature of not less than 23 °F/-5°C and not more than 113 °F/45°C.
Built as waterproof with video diving mode enabled, that helps you record events underwater, durable, Wi-Fi Connection support, and a 2.4 GHZ wireless wrist remote control.

I doubt if there should be a single reason why you should decide not to pick this camera. Although there are a bit drawbacks to the camera functionality; it permits a water dive of 131ft (40m) and a slight slack on the audio quality.

Nevertheless, AKASO V50X remains the best Cycling camera you can get below $100.

Price: $99.99

best bike camera

2. Teentok Bike Camera

PRICE: $109.99

Teentok Bike camera doesn’t just fit well as a cycling camera, but could also serve as a good bike Torchlight for dark times.

Fitted with 60 Lumen Tail-Light which serves greatly as a Safety Light with 6 shining modes.

Teentok Bike camera is designed with a 1920*1080 P video and audio recording, a 6 hours battery life, and a WiFi connection access which lets you search and connect to a custom WLAN “T03_000B6A0028A6” with its password as 12345678. This lets you connect your camera to your smartphone and stream it easily.
Teentok Bike camera is easy to mount, fits well on either your bike handlebar or seat post, 6 hours battery usage, HD video recording, a looping recording style that keeps recording events even in your forgetfulness, and a micro SD fitting to store your videos for external use.
Amazon Price: $109.99

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AKASO EK7000 4K Action Camera is a versatile, compact, and portable cycling camera with professional video quality enhanced with a built-in Wi-Fi with signal ranges of 10M plus an HDMI support, a wrist Remote Control and external storage support for Micro SD.

This amazing camera is waterproof with an underwater diving depth of 98FT/30M. Comes with an accessory kit that contains a double 1050mAh Battery, a Waterproof Case, 5 tethers, helmet mount, clip, mount, protective backdoor, a USB cable, lens cloth, a Bicycle Stand, and an AC charger coupled with a Quick Reference Guide

Designed a wider camera angle of 170°, this grants you a wider video coverage range and image quality, various video shooting modes, 4K Ultra HD video coverage, 4K 25Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video support with 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second which ensures better video clarity, audio support included and a recording time of 90mins for 1080P videos and 60mins for 4K/2K HD video quality, all for each battery.

Amazon Price: $49.99

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