5 Best Bike CO2 Inflators in 2021

It is a dire need for every cyclist to get his deflated tire pumped up, at a faster rate. The need to avoid being stranded on the road has made it a necessary ordeal for every cyclist to ride along with a CO2 inflator.

Unfortunately, there are different CO2 inflators in the Market, thousands of sales copies, and adverts to take reviews from. The large cluster in the market makes it a bit difficult to decide which CO2 inflator is the best.

However, there are major things to look out for during your CO2 inflator market survey, so you will be able to draw a wise line of decision on which mini bike pump works for you.

These features include;
1. Air pressure delivery
2. Portability and Weight.
3. Size of Cartridge
4. Valve Fitting
5. Durability

Close scrutiny, checks and balances using these factors as your yardstick, keep you on a favorable lane of choosing a good CO2 inflator and mini pump.

However, I will be offering you a quick tour through CO2 inflators. A detailed review of the best CO2 inflators 2021 and where you can easily purchase them.
This review is centered on the best CO2 inflators in the market based on their product features, specifications, pressure output, and price. All CO2 inflators provided here are Presta and Schrader valve compatible; you don’t need to purchase an adaptor using these CO2 inflators. They are designed to handle any valve your bicycle might come with.

Probike Tool CO2 Inflator

I wish there could be a standing ovation with respect to the introduction of this CO2 inflator.
With over 500,000 products in circulation, winning the ‘Best Buy’ Award, August 2018 for quality products, Probike tool has made Production of quality products a motto to live with, and their CO2 inflator is not an exception to this feat.

Probike Tool CO2 inflator is a dual-valve function CO2 inflator. They are designed for compatibility with both Presta Valves and Schrader valves. The inflator head is constructed with a universal head design that fits into any available bike valve with no need for an adaptor or detachment. Comes in a portable size with a package weight or 0.05kg, lightweight, and compact size which makes it perfect to fit into your saddlebag, coat, or jersey pocket.

best bike co2 inflators

They are designed to be durable. Body parts are made from superior CNC machined aluminum alloy.

The CO2 inflator head is constructed with the versatility to meet any size (12g, 16g, 20g, and 25g) of threaded CO2 cartridges.
With a default rubber sleeve fitted to them, it is almost impossible to experience leaks or frozen fingers during operation.
However, leakages and punctures can be inflicted on the CO2 inflator if you attach them with valve extenders or use low quality CO2 Cartridges with poor threading and seals. It is important you carefully analyze each cartridge that you will be fitting to the inflator.

Probike Tool CO2 inflator is sold for an Amazon price of $19.98.

pro bike tool co2 inflator


Briskmore Black CO2 inflator

Briskmore Black CO2 inflator is made from CNC machined and heat-treated high-quality durable aluminum alloy and alloy steel.

Just like every other CO2 inflator on this list, they are Presta and Schrader Valve compatible with washer seal threaded connection that ensures no leakage. Its head is fitted with a reliable and simple control valve adjustment.
Portable with a lightweight design, they are fitted with an insulated rubber foam sleeve for only 16g cartridges only. This rubber foam fitting is to prevent frozen fingers from interaction with CO2.

Now there is an ice cream offered on this inflator that should make you smile. There is a lifetime warranty on the inflator that guarantees a full refund or a replacement if you encounter any problem with the CO2 inflator. This warranty is strictly restricted to damages caused by company errors or package damages, with exclusion to user damages caused by carelessness or ill handling of the CO2 inflator.

Amazon price = $22.98




LEZYNE control drive CO2 Bicycle inflator is an amazing mini bike pump that handles pressure demand from Road bikes and Mountain bikes.

Fitted with a universal head that is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves. Designed with a CNC knob twist operation, specifically constructed to prevent leakages and pull-outs. A Trigger valve operation, CNC machined aluminum body, compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges, Neoprene sleeve, and inclusion of one 16g CO2 cartridge. Despite its small and lightweight nature, Lezyne control drive CO2 bicycle inflator cannot be overlooked in terms of good quality.

Its CNC control knob twists make it easier for inflation without damaging either your Bicycle valve or the inflator head. Amazon Price = $26.99

lezyne bike inflator


GENUINE INNOVATIONS G20310 Ultraflate plus CO2 Tire inflator

GENUINE INNOVATIONS Ultraflate plus CO2 inflator comes with a 20-gram non-threaded CO2 cartridge fitted to it. The 20-gram CO2 cartridge has the ability to inflate Road bike tire to 78 PSI, Tour bikes to 106 PSI, and Fat tires to 5PSI.

It is designed with a trigger lock that prevents accidental activation of the inflator head which might cause the unconscious escape of CO2, which can be hazardous.

Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves, with a screw-on function for Schrader valves and a push on function for Presta valves. This inflator works perfectly with different threaded cartridges but with exceptions to 20g cartridges as they are not threaded.

Built with an easy to grip frame and heavy-duty design makes it a wise pick for durability.

Amazon Price: $19.99

Genuine Innovations inflator


Cycplus CO2 Universal Inflator

This universal inflator is fitted with a Twin Valve head makes it compatible with Presta and Schrader valves.
Suitable for threaded cartridges of 12g, 16g, 20g, and 25g. Made of aluminum alloy, anodic oxidation surface, and corrosion resistant, making them durable and efficient.

Strong fitting to cartridges to avoid leakages with a Rubber foam sleeve, that is only designed for 12g or 16g threaded cartridges.

The nozzle is equipped with a built-in rubber ring and a Control knob button, all for the sole aim of regulating speeds and prevent leakages during inflation.

Amazon Price: $14.99

cycplus bicycle co2 inflator