Burley Kazoo Review


The burley kazoo helps a child to learn to ride by sitting behind you comfortably. Burley’s proprietary aluminum ball-bearing driven hitch fits comfortably for raising children and provides superior control, monitoring, and safety. As every parent of small kids will tell you, that ‘thought’ is mostly just the thought of a family fun bicycle trip. Of course, in theory, all of you go out, have a lovely ride, and cherish the whole day. Typically, the little boy can’t catch up with his training wheels, so parents probably walk their bicycle, pulling his bike, and with a back problem, they start heading back. If people bring a Burley Designs Trailer cycle into the scenario, interestingly, they can instantly get the fun family bicycle ride you planned.


Burley Kazoo Review (Description)

A trailer Bicycle is a single-wheeled vehicle that connects to the back of an adult’s bike. This helps small children that do not truly understand about to ride a bicycle, or can’t ride lengthy journeys, to move alongside Mommy or Daddy with less trouble. Kids can paddle behind in the back or just relax and embrace the moment. Children practicing riding a bicycle get to feel the stability and movement of being on a bike, while the adult gets to have a pleasant bicycle trip

The Burley Kazoo is a singular trailer cycle created to enable a kid to tag along for a road trip. This particular trailer installation lets the children catch up and participate in the game. The Kazoo’s easily movable seat and handlebars make for convenient mobility for raising children. Both children and parents can enjoy the safe and simple operation offered by the advanced Aluminum ball-bearing hitch. The trailer cycle is a fast and enjoyable pathway from trailer to bicycle.

Parts and Functions

Trailer cycle Hitch

The Perfected twofold fastening hitch fastens to the provided Burley Moose Rack.

Height Adjustable Seat & Handlebar

Seat height can be adjusted without making use of tools. Handlebar length can always be modified with toolkits to effectively satisfy the kid.

Splash Guard

Splash guard completely blocks water splash from the back wheel of the older parent bicycle.

A massive steel rear rack produced for riding Burley trailer cycles. Have an additional one to allow you to use another bicycle.

Pannier and disc brake aligned

Excellent for transporting backpack bags using the Burley trailer cycle when not being used. Always suitable with bicycles employing disc brakes

Burley Kazoo Review (Features)

The Burley Kazoo is delivered alongside the rack you have to position on the bicycle. The stand is a real pain to mount, frankly, and requires using a hacksaw for these metal frames. People may install it themselves if they are skilled with equipment, and if they get into difficulties, you can carry it to a bicycle shop and get them to handle the basic setup for a few cash. Letting a bicycle shop do the installation is preferred. Although it may be a burden to get the rack on the bicycle, it offers a great ride once it is in position.  The Kazoo trailer cycle utilizes a proprietary pair hitch system to quickly and safely connect to the bicycle. Owing to the trailer bike’s perpendicular link, the kid enjoys a safe and comfortable ride. The following are some other features:

Lightweight aluminum frame for excellent quality, firm ride, and reliability

Creative invented Burley hitch device with controlled ball-bearing wheels that provide power slide output

The double mechanism of locking for extra protection

Secure and snug in-line handling with pivot connection over-axle

Suitable for children aged between Four and Ten years.

Adjustable handlebar as well as seat position

Accessibility safety flag and both rear axle and wheels lights

For smooth rolling, the 20-inch wheel


Movable seat and handlebars for a broad age group of children

Relatively light when compared to other brand options

Extremely simple to assemble and unassembled

The broad moving radius for a bicycle trailer

Children can opt to pedal or simply go for the ride.

Soft, comfortable seat


They are more trouble and burden than they are worth if you don’t need gear.


How do you know if your bike can have the rack installed on it?

Attachment positions on the rack encourage the adult bike in specific parts to have tightened screws. To see where these positions are, you will locate the rack directions online. We also got tips about how it works from some online reviews.


Our best choice for singular trailer cycles is the Burley Kazoo. An Extremely comfortable ride with such a fantastic turning radius