Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator Review

Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator is an incredibly fast machine used to inflate a tire in seconds. It saves time and efforts expended when using manual pumps.

CO2 inflators generally are portable, light and compact machines, that use compressed gas to inflate tubes quickly. They are portable enough to be easily stashed in a pocket or a bag.

CO2 inflators have two main parts:

• The head which connects the cartridge to the valve in order to transfer the carbon dioxide into the tube.

• The canister/replaceable cartridge.

The canister is a gas tank. The tank is made of steel, and is small enough to be carried about easily. The steel tank contains pressurized gas, once attached to the valve, it will fill up your tube in seconds and is refillable. Replaceable cartridge is virtually the same thing, the only difference is that it is not refillable. Once exhausted a replacement is required (Replaceable cartridges are sold online).
CO2 inflators use CO2 cartridges and each cartridge can pump about 1-2 flat tires in seconds. They do not require elbow grease. This type of pump only requires you to have a stock of cartridges.

Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator is one of the leading brands of CO2 inflators. It offers speed, convenience, ease of use, portability and other valuable benefits. Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator comes in different models.

Types of Pro bike tool CO2 inflators

1. Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator plus Cartridge Storage

This CO2 inflator which costs $25 is available in titanium and red colors. It is undoubtedly one of the lightest CO2 inflators available in the market weighing just 61g.

The CO2 inflator is a highly reliable designed model that delivers fast tire inflation efficiently when needed, so as to provide bikers all around the world with optimum usage of their bikes.

This inflator allows for thorough gas flow regulation. Since other available CO2 inflators easily and directly allow the passage of gas from its CO2 cartridge all at once and without a break which can be dangerous and also lead to over-inflated tires. The Pro bike tool CO2 inflator has been worked on. It provides the users with premium quality and experience, and also makes the CO2 inflator completely user-friendly and also helps you maintain CO2 cartridges. This is so that you do not over/under inflate your bike tires when being used.

The CO2 inflator works and fits perfectly well with both Presta and Schrader valve. It also houses an ubiquitous head design that requires no attachment or accessory before usage.
However, we endorse that one should slowly release the gas into a tire in order to prevent potential freezing when using it.
The inflators are fully made to outlast, as they are made from advanced CNC machined aluminium alloy, providing you with a stress-free ride. Get yours below using the link.

pro bike co2 inflator


Note that the CO2 cartridges are not included with the CO2 inflators.

2. Pro bike tool CO2 inflator ($20)

This CO2 inflator is a reliable inflator that helps you inflate your bike tires in seconds especially with the newly designed 1-turn valve system installed on it. It also includes a twin-valve head, which works and fit perfectly well with both Presta and Schrader valve. This then makes the CO2 inflator always ready for use as bikers don’t have to worry about switching the valve head when inflating flat tires.
Just like the aforementioned CO2 inflator, this inflator also allows cautious regulation of gas flow from the CO2 cartridge to your bike tires. You should note that this product does not work or fit with valve extenders.

This CO2 inflator is portable and also lightweight which enables users to easily take along the inflator when heading for a ride as it can easily fit into one’s pocket or bike saddlebag.

This is also built from a remarkable and durable CNC machined aluminum alloy which is made to last so as to provide users with a safe and enjoyable ride.
This particular product comes in three different colors which are black, matte black and red color.

Note that when using low-quality CO2 cartridges with poor quality threads and seals, it may cause damage to the CO2 inflator head and may also cause failure of the inflator when most needed. You can easily get yours from the link below. CO2 cartridges are not included.

pro bike tool co2 inflator


Replaceable CO2 cartridges

The cartridge is a gas tank. The tank is made of steel and is small enough to be carried about easily. The steel tank contains pressurized gas, once attached to the valve, it will fill up your tube in seconds.

Types of CO2 cartridges

1. Threaded cartridges

Most recently made CO2 inflators use threaded cartridges. The cartridge neck screws into place on the head, with the top seal getting pierced in the process.

2. Non-threaded cartridges

This is the other type of CO2 cartridge, they push into place on the head. Threaded cartridges are a little more expensive in comparison to non-threaded cartridges.

Threaded cartridges are a bit smaller, and weigh a bit lesser as well. Non-threaded cartridge inflators need a body to hold the cartridge in place, Which adds to the weight and makes them bigger.

CO2 Cartridge Sizes

CO2 cartridges are available in different sizes. The smallest size is 12g. A 16g cartridge will fill most road bike tires. However, you might need a larger cartridge for some mountain bike tires based on your desired pressure. For safety, you can carry a couple of cartridges.
You can get CO2 cartridges to use for your pro bike tool CO2 inflators online, using the link below:

CO2 bike inflator


Advantages of Pro bike tool CO2 inflators

1. Easy to use.

CO2 requires no or little effort to fill up your tires. All you need to do is press the cartridge to the head, and trigger the CO2 for the gas to dispense into the tube.

2. Extremely fast.

CO2 inflator wastes no time in inflating your bike tires, it inflates a tube in seconds. It is the fastest means of inflating your tires.

3. Small and portable.

It is very small and portable to be carried about easily on your rides.

4. It works on both Presta and Schrader valves.

5. Gives you total control on the airflow to get your desired optimal pressure.

Conclusively, the Pro bike tool CO2 inflator is one of the best types of CO2 inflators to use.