How to Use WD 40 for your Bike


Sports activities are one of the biggest industries in the world. If you take a closer look at sports events, you will notice how various sectors play a part in making them function effectively. These industries and companies manufacture unique and quality products that athletes need to perform at the top of their potential. If we look at the world cup, the number of industries we are involved in is innumerable. We have the sports gear manufacturing companies like Nike and Adidas producing millions of jerseys and equipment. In these competitions, the transportation and hospitality companies are also working round the clock. We have medical professionals tending to the injured players and coaches. At the same time, the structural engineers and field maintenance officers keeping the playing grounds in shape. We have the media reporting these events live. Ultimately, there is a place for everyone in sports, whether you are an athlete or not.

WD-40 has a company that recognized this fact some 67 years ago, and they keyed into it by manufacturing an excellent but rare product for cyclers all over the world. They manufactured a product that can help you clean your bicycle’s moving parts the right and comfortable way. If you are a cycler, you would know that keeping your bike in shape is one of the sport’s necessities. In this article, we will show you how you can utilize WD-40 products and maximize them fully. Enjoy!

How to Use WD-40 for your Bike

  • Rinse and clean the bike chain

When you want to start cleaning your bike, it is assumed that it’s covered with mud, debris, and other unwanted elements. You cannot apply your degreaser at this point. If you do, it would be a waste of time and resources. First of all, you have to wash down your bike chain and its other moving parts with water. Once you have washed them down, the thick mud and debris will be gone leaving only the tiny and stubborn bits stuck on the bike. Dry them and leave them for some time.

  • Apply a WD-40 bike degreaser

After you have removed the hard debris and drying the bike, you can apply your WD-40 greaser. After spraying your WD-40 degreaser generously on the bike chain, you have to give it adequate time to work. It will soften and remove all those tiny hard debris still stuck on the moving parts of your bike. When you have left it enough, then it is time to scrub your bike chain. Make sure the brush you are using is not stiff because that can damage your bike.

  • Start by scrubbing the cassette

The cassette is the part of the bike holding the chain, and you should take particular time to clean it. It would be best if you started by shifting the bike gears so that the chain is on the other end of the cassette. You should make sure that all the dirt, grease, and debris are completely removed before you proceed. Since you already applied your WD-40 degreaser, this should be an easy process. When you are done with that process, you should shift the gears again so that the chain will go to the other end of the cassette.

  • Clean the chain

This is an essential part of the entire process. At this point, you have applied enough of your WD-40 degreaser, and it would have done its work. All you have to do is scrub down with your water and your cleaning agent. It would be best to make sure that all parts of the chain are covered in this process. You can use the chainring as a surface to push the chain against so you can cover every inch of your chain.

  • Gently rinse with clean water

After you have finished scrubbing everything, you should rinse it down with enough clean water. It would help if you rinsed it gently to avoid water from going into places you don’t want it to enter. Unlike a motor vehicle with sufficient coverings, a bicycle is open, and if you use a high-pressured hose to rinse the chain, it might affect other essential parts of your bike.

  • Leave it to dry

Even though you have cleaned your bicycle chain and it is sparkling clean now, you are not done just yet. If you put your bike back into storage with all the water still flowing from it, you are exposing your chain to rust, and you don’t want to do that. After you have washed your chain, give it ample time to dry; you should put it in a dry, cool area preferably. As an alternative, you can also use an air compressor to dry out all the liquid inherent in the chain quickly. Once the bike is dry, then you can apply your WD-40 lubricant and give it that shiny look

  • Apply a WD-40 lubricant

WD-40 produces various types of lubricants, and it all comes down to what your bike requires. If you want to use dry or wet lubricant on your bike, you will find a WD-40 product designed for that purpose. All you have to do is spray the lubricant, leave it for some time, and your bike will be as good as new.


The bicycle chain and other moving parts of your bicycle are an overlooked but essential part of a bike. As a Cycler, you should be aware of this fact, and you should be ready to use the best products to take care of your bike. Top cyclers always do their best to keep their bikes in the best possible form and if you want to belong to this category, then getting a WD-40 product is a small price to pay. Cleaning your bicycle chain and its other moving parts does not have to be a complicated process; however, it is regular. You should set aside a consistent time in your calendar to clean your bicycle chain and your whole bicycle if you have the time. This article has shown you the best way to go about cleaning your bicycle chain, and we advise that you put it into practice soon enough. Using the WD-40 product on your bicycle gives you the best results and relieves you of stress. You should do well to get some products as soon as your budget permits. Cheers!