3 Best Bike Helmet Cameras in 2021

The essence of carrying a bike helmet camera is to ensure your safety, as well as to capture happenings around the environment as you embark on rides.

Some helmet cameras are fitted with GPS which helps keep track of your tours and location, as well as your exact spot.

Irrespective of the amazing nature of Helmet Cameras, not all helmet cameras are designed with equal specifications. However, the bottom line remains, choose a helmet camera that will perfectly stick to your camera, maintain your budget, and also provide you with the best video quality.

Considering the fact that different riders choose different hours of the day for their rides, some helmet cameras are fitted with torchlights, although some are not.

However, whichever choice you might be making, it is safe you consider your pocket size.

I will be offering you a detailed rundown on the best bicycle helmet cameras out there, their price details, as well where you can easily purchase them.

1. Bike Helmet Headset camera Freedconn

Freedcon bike and motorcycle helmet camera is a dynamic game-changer in the business of helmet cameras. Fitted with an R1Plus 5.0 Bluetooth Intercom helmet Bluetooth which supports up to two phones, with which you can easily pick up calls while out on a ride.

Its R1 plus Bluetooth intercom Operation can also be transformed into a Wi-Fi connector. All you have to do is long-press the Bluetooth button for about 3s until you hear “Wi-Fi turned on reminder”. At this point, you can easily choose which WLAN connection flows better for you and also use it as a WiFi recorder.

This helmet camera comes with a Built-in Sony HD 1080P Camera, 120° Wide-angle, and an SD card support of 64GB maximum.

Freedconn helmet camera comes with an IP65 Waterproof Level that offers extra Durability, a USB Type-C Port for charging the camera, and a 6 Riders 1000 Meters motorcycle communication system that ensures a perfect intercom communication signal during on-trail conversations.

Aside from the fact that you can record high definition videos using this helmet camera, you can also use it to snap quality photos. A single click on the snap button gives you a single photoshoot, but multiple clicks give you multiple snapshots.

Freedconn helmet cameras are designed with a battery capacity of 1500mAh, 2 hours optimal charging time, and a standby time of 12 days.

Its IP65 communication system makes it possible to clearly hear a conversation at 60MPH.
This also comes in handy during wet and unpleasant weather conditions, you have nothing to worry about breaches. However, it is structured as a voice assistant that can help you control the activity on your phone through a voice prompt. With this, you can pick up phone calls, change radio stations, all with your voice into your helmet.

Freedcon helmet camera comes with accessory kits; one Hard Microphone and loudspeaker, 2 Clips, 1 crew driver, 1 PTT Velcro tape, 4 Velcro pads, 1 USB cable, 1 Audio cable, and a User manual

Amazon Price: $139.99



2. Drift Ghost XL Waterproof Action helmet camera

Different camera strokes for different folks, but sincerely speaking, I fell in love with this bike helmet camera the moment I set my eyes on them.

The area that caught my attention on the Drift Ghost XL helmet camera is the 3000 mAh battery capacity. This is actually twice what I’ve seen in helmet cameras so far, coupled with the fact that they boast of a 9hour battery life. That’s amazing, right?

Drift Ghost XL is a Full HD 1080P 30 FPS, 720P 60 FPS, 12MP Photos and video camera with a 330° Rotatable lens that allows for adjustable rotation to accommodate larger coverages, clearer shots, and distant captures.
This helmet camera is strengthened with an IPX7 Waterproof that grants it a TRS Power Connection to stay safely submerged in water of 1 Meter depth.

Drift Ghost XL Helmet Camera is built with an event Detection Technology.
This new tech feature activates video recording when you are in an incident. The gyro sensor fitted to the camera kicks into function once your vehicle is subjected to vibration, minimal hits, or a crash. This helps you keep a record of every mishap and can serve as an insurance proof or for a police case file.

Drift Ghost XL Bluetooth remote compatible helmet camera is built-in with different camera modes; Dash Cam, DVR, Motorcycle camera, Action Camera, clone mode, Helmet camera, all of which have its distinct role.
This helmet camera has external memory support of up to 128GB. However, its DVR mode helps you delete your old videos once you unknowingly run out of space while recording, so as to accommodate new movies.

Drift Ghost XL camera accessory kit contains 1 Universal Clip, 1 Flat Adhesive Mount, 1 Curved Adhesive Mount, 1 Mini USB Cable (Charger), 1 TRS 3.5mm Adapter Connection, and 1 TRS USB Power Connection.

There is an external microphone feature, a great tool for vbloggers, although this is optional, you can use it at your will.
As additional support, its Drift’s dashcam mode helps you complete a video interval when the ignition is turned off, or power is no longer present or probably attached to a USB power supply. This prevents you from losing your entire recording exploits in a twinkle of an eye.

Amazon Price: $149.99



3. IVM Helmet Camera

IVM Helmet Camera is a 5.0 Bluetooth Technology camera that supports a rider to rider intercom communication systems of up to 6 Riders at minimal distances of 1000m.

ILM R1-Plus Bluetooth headset is designed with a built-in Full HD Camera, 2.4 GHz frequency, 120°Wide Camera, 1080P Full HD Video Recording.
Built to a long battery life of a battery capacity of 1500 mAh provided by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery of about 2 Hours Charging Time, 4.5 Hours Video Recording, 30 Hours Phone Talking, 48 Hours Music Time, and a 12 day standby time.
IVM helmet camera remains one of the easy to use helmet cameras. With the voice prompts and reminder, built into the device, you are always reminded of the functionalities and uses of every part of the device.

IVM helmet camera is packed up with these features; IP65 Waterproof design, Type-C charging Port, Music/FM Volume Control and switch, support for voice calling, Wireless Intercom, WiFi Transmission, and external memory support of 64 GB.

IVM Helmet Camera comes with an accessory kit that comes with the following; Bluetooth Receiver, Microphone & Speaker, Headset Clips Set, USB Cable, Hex Wrench, Adhesive Earphone Pads, Walkie-talkie Controlling Cable, Velcro Tape for PTT Button, and a User Manual


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