Burley Piccolo Review


The Burley Piccolo is a pleasant trailer bicycle that helps the kid adapt to the excellent bicycle environment. For children Four to Ten years, the Piccolo is lovely, and the simple adjustment-ability enables the trailer cycle to develop with the kid. A trailer cycle that helps the kid to ride together with you is the Burley Piccolo. It’s quick to use the turn gearshift and lets children get used to different gears. Children will catch up and get in on the activity with the Piccolo. The seat and handlebars for growing kids are easy to adjust. The revolutionary aluminum ball-bearing hitch’s safety and simple operation would be appreciated by both parents and children. The trailer bike is a tremendous and easy change from a trailer to a motorcycle.


Burley Piccolo Review (Description)

Parents can transform their bike into a parent-child combination with Burley’s Piccolo and enjoy the benefits of cycling with their kids! On the bike, mount the provided Burley Moose Rack and connect the Piccolo rapidly and effortlessly through a stable, ball-bearing hitch unit that usually slides smoothly and flat while remaining perpendicular to the floor. And the Piccolo employs a lightweight seat for simple pedaling, an aluminum frame, a front splash guard, a 7-speed drivetrain, Seatpost, a customizable handlebar, and an easy-to-roll 20-inch aluminum wheel and full convenience.

Burley Piccolo Review (features)

The Piccolo makes it easier if you intend to regularly use the trailer cycle. If you think you’re only going to use it a couple of times annually, it would be more superior to purchasing any of the fewer brands as the economic benefits may be greater than 50%.

The high arc on the trailer cycle frame of Burley ensures you don’t even need to think about scratching the tire with the tagalong.

Aluminum durable frame for toughness, high efficiency, and an intense trip

7-Speed Gearing

Features a powerful thumb shifter type 7-speed accelerated. Great to educate the kid on the right gearing in various regions

Front splash guard

Innovative Burley proprietary hitch system with directed ball-bearing pivots to provide shimmy-free efficiency

The hitch is perpendicular to the floor and provides improved balancing and support.

Grip Shifters; are simple to employ, and children-friendly children find out how to shift directions as immediately as kids hear the “click.” of the gears. Getting a feeling of power and making noise makes them busier longer on the bicycle rides, a nice bonus.

Secure and comfortable in-line management with pivot attachment over-axle

Features Rack Burley

Extendable handlebar and post-seat seat

To increase safety, the safety flag and rear light source are provided

For smooth rolling, a 20-inch wheel

Made for kids age between Four and ten. 

Independent Gearing: Two issues are addressed: getting separate gears on The Piccolo’s; one, the child is not trapped in your pace, which means they may pedal if they choose to or just cruise around. They are forced to ride in unison, either or not they like to; two, getting gears enables the child to change his pace with a quick hand twist, allowing them to reduce the hill gear and raise the flat gears, all of which are excellent practice for an aspiring cyclist.

Parts and functions

1. Hitch for Trailercycle

Modified dual securing hitch attached to the Burley Moose Rack featured

2. Adjustable Seat & Handlebar Height

Tool-less change of seat height for on-go balancing. Handlebar height needs adjustment equipment.

3. Guard Splash

Splash guard covers splash water from the older parent bicycle’s rear tire

4. Applicable with Pannier & Disc Brake

Excellent for transporting backpack bags with the Burley trailer cycle while not using Suitable for bikes with disc brakes.

5. A massive rear rack made of steel for steering the Burley trailer cycle.


Hitch enables the Piccolo to turn seamlessly in all directions for excellent versatility.

Relatively light compared to other business choices

Conforms for best performance to the rack vs. seat post

A simple arrangement, installation, and unmounting

The adult bike easy attachment is a unique feature and simple to utilize


When you just want equipment, they are more complex and costly than they are worth.


The Piccolo is a smart way for a kid to move from training wheels to a grown kid riding, as it allows them to learn stability as they ride comfortably behind the parent.