Comprehensive guide to bike packing racing


Bike packing racing is a recent and unusual skill set, gratitude to its independent nature. You ideally need to appreciate a lot about bikes, equipment, nutrition, hydration, training, psychology, weather climates and sleep management. It seizes years to build an apparent understanding of all of these topics.

You know, episodes like the Tour Divide, where folks race to the finish line for days or weeks on end. The clock doesn’t stop at night, riders are self-supported, and they pedal furiously toward a goal that might be hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

comprehensive guide to bike packing

Sound appealing, doesn’t it? If so, welcome. Bicycle racing is a needlessly fierce world, and the same could be said about bike packing. Sure, it compels some skill and foresightedness, but with sufficient practice, contending in a bike packing ultra is far more feasible than people make it out to be.

Guides for bike packing racing

Commence training

First, understand that everyone’s physiology is varied and no two people begin with the same base ability. As such, this guide will not provide you with a particular training plan, but will rather give you the help to create your own or find a teacher who fits your necessities.

Periodized Training

Periodization models can get entangled, so we’re going to squeeze them into some simple theories. For our goals, we’ll discuss periodized activity plans disassembled into three broad periods: the base, build, and peak. The base period is generally around 13 weeks, during which the rider will concentrate less on anaerobic action and more on long and slow distance riding. Once a dominant base has been built, the rider will expend roughly 8-10 weeks in a build period. Concentrating on creating race-specific fitness that is usually more anaerobic. Ultimately, comes the peak period, when the rider integrates rest while still exhibiting the body race-like intensity on a less periodic rationale.

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