Elite Direto X Trainer Review


There are different smart trainers that you can get in the market, and they all come with unique features. However, not all brands that claim to be the best are worth anything, and this is because the factors to consider before moving to make the purchase doesn’t tick.

A smart trainer is a piece of machinery that gets used to provide resistance to your bike like a normal trainer will; the added benefit that comes with the use of this one is the ability to control the tool with the help of different apps.

There are different utilities that the smart trainer can get used for, and one of them is the virtual course that gets added to it; for instance, if you were to move a hill, the resistance of the smart trainer goes up, giving you the same stimulation as real-life cycling. A smart trainer works in various ways; however, this will depend on the kind of mechanism that the brand decides to use.

Also, there are two types of smart trainers that you can find out there: the wheel on trainer and the direct-drive smart trainer. The wheel on the trainer has similar features to the normal trainer that you get in the market; the way the trainer works is almost the same as how this works. Also, it is cheaper to have, easy to maintain, and store because of the feature that the legs have to fold up. Despite this feature, there are some downsides that you should know; the first is the calibration issue, as it needs to be applied whenever you clamp your bike, and it will also demand that you have it warmed up for some time before you use it.

The second type of smart trainer is the direct-drive smart trainer, and one of the good things about this smart trainer type is its power accuracy, which isn’t something that the wheel on the trainer can’t boast regarding this. They are known to be sturdy, and they replace the back wheel of your bicycle effectively. There are different benefits from using this type of smart trainer, and you enjoy stability when you use this trainer; you also have the help of an accurate PowerPoint. In addition to the benefits you get, you also don’t need to have it calibrated or warmed up for ten minutes before using it.

Despite the benefits that we can say that the drive-in trainer has, there is also the downside to it. The weight might be a concern for you, and also it is expensive.

It would be best if you considered different factors before you make a purchase; the reason for this is to ensure that you make a buy you won’t regret down the road. The trainer’s weight is something you will want to look at, the features that it comes with, and the price.

Elite Direto X Trainer

This trainer is known to be a similar one when you compare it to the Direto brand that different teams have used. Like we have explained before, there are two main types of trainers that you can get in the market, and Elite is also known for making these two types of trainers.

The Elite Direto X trainer gets known because of the improvements made to it, and the forebear has been made to be more useful than ever. The incline simulation took up from fourteen percent to eighteen, which is impressive. Also, the power measurement gets made so that there is little or no error because of the deviation, which is just a little over one percent. The only downside of using this is the need to get a mat and a cassette separately.

Key Features

There are different features that a product will have that will make it have a value that is worth the money spent on a purchase.

It features a riser block

It features a skewer for quick release


It is easy to use

It is a good value for the money spent on the purchase


The downside to this trainer is that it doesn’t come with a mat and a cassette


Smart trainers get used by different riders to simulate the feel that gets obtained when you ride your bike outside under real conditions. We also looked at the pros and cons you get when you use it.

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