Elite Nero Bike Trainer Review


The innovation of bikes happens to be a significant breakthrough in technology. They served a lot of purposes to man and indeed made life easier for man. They have something to offer in all of man’s endeavors. They provide easy transportation, transporting man from one place to another with great ease. They can get used to running errands, like going to the grocery store to pick up groceries and getting one or two things from the neighborhood. They pass through narrow roads that motor cars won’t be able to pass through. It can get used to tour around your city or navigate your neighboring city, discovering new places, and meeting new people. It can be used for road racing with your friends and loved ones and even for professional riding. It gets used to going for adventures with classmates and peers. It can get used to mountain climbing to climb the mountains of your dreams. With bikes, almost every good thing is possible. It is indeed a blessing to humankind. However, Elite decided to build a motorcycle, Elite Nero Bike Trainer, that offers all the fantastic things that come with bikes and even more.

Elite Nero Bike Trainer

The comfort and agility of a bike are things to be checked before moving to purchase a motorcycle. Elite Nero Bike Trainer supplies all of these. The Italian motorcycle get designed to provide all the needs of the riders, offering them the best hospitality they can get.

They are straightforward to set up, and the bike gets done quickly for you, all you need to do is hop in on the bike and take off. It is very portable, making transportation very easy. It gets made with high-quality materials. It is known to announce it’s presence through it’s loud sound , nevertheless, it’s quality is as loud as its sound. It provides for you very natural and authentic rides. It is very technical, and it can get used for sports to burn down many calories; you can feel the sweat pouring down on you as you ride. It gives a ride filled with smiles and happiness. It also aids in health, helping to manage several diseases. It also provides high agility and balance, making it very difficult to break down on the road.

Elite Nero Bike Trainer has a lot of distinguishable features. The rollers are one of them. It has a set of rollers that work with the software Zwi and can also work with other software like Ful Gaz and TrainerRoad. The software helps to offer maximum resistance for good interaction. It makes the ride very fun and engaging. Learning how to work on the rollers may be uncomfortable at first but addictive with time. It also helps improve pedal stroke. Spillage of the rear tires often occurs on the rollers. It has a unique 6lb flywheel. Elite Nero Bike Trainer is a two-in-one product and offers maximum resistance and a fun and easy ride. It gives you the feel like you’re floating or flying in the sky.


It has an 1144mm wheelbase.

It has a 6lb flywheel.

It has rollers set that works with software, usually Zwift.

It is light.

It offers good resistance.


Brand: Elite

Name: Elite Nero Bike Trainer

Weight: 19.18 kg

Weight limit: 120 kg

Maximum power: (60km/h) 730 W

Maximum simulated gradient: 7 %

Wheelbase:944–1.144 mm

Accuracy: +-5%

Flywheel: 6lbs flywheel

Max Wattage: 830 W

Max Incline: 7%

Year Released: 2018 (In Production)

Cadence: Built-in

Communication: ANT+ and Bluetooth

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Max slope simulation: 7%

Power output: 425w

Inner resistance: Mag






It helps improve pedal stroke.


Mistakes can be made while measuring the power on the rollers.

Beginners take time to learn how to use the rollers.

The tires masked loud noise on rollers.

It was not cheap.


Elite Nero Bike Trainer is a very portable bike. It is straightforward to set up and is very comfortable. It offers maximum resistance and good interaction. It is also perfect for training.

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