Relaxdays bike trainer Review


Relaxdays bike harks back to a time even with its simple athletic technique. This theme continues even at incompatible times because of the presence of the bike, which releases quick access and lacks any hint of the connective trait. The construction of this bike is simple, durable, and strong, and surprisingly, all its welds on the unit are clean and given the low price point. But, much affection has not been put into its designs, which leaves a lot of space for improvement. Not minding its rated load of 120 kg, this bike weighs only 7.18 kg. Due to its weight, the bike might be simple and easy to ride both for beginners and experts, but it is also noted that the flywheel isn’t very heavy. The strategy of utilizing two different screws that mate with the given abrupt release to ascend the bike has not been thought of well. It might take a long period to install this bike but be assured that the clamping mechanism may result in a metal-to-metal connection.

A rider who wants to keep his bike in a good position, which means that he will have to use the available quick-release skewer. Therefore, the remote for the trainer resistance is restricted a bit as the 26 mm clamp implies that it can’t be fastened to most new bikes.

How it works

The ride feeling of the Relaxdays bike is quite exceptional from a natural ride, and due to this, the first pedal stroke makes it immediately obvious. The different cold period is obvious after the first ride of the cranks, resulting in a disappointing riding experience.

Furthermore, while riding, a rider will have to contend with slippage in the brake mechanism and his tire slipping on the roller. The extremely light flywheel results in immediate braking as fast as the rider can. The bike sometimes feels like it will topple over, and also, while clamping, the mechanism might be sturdy enough to keep your pedaling bike fastened while working. But, that fluctuation is worsened when sprinting. The trainer’s loud noise only worsens that impression and might also clear the rider’s neighbors, flatmates, or people present out of the building.

The general design of this bike model is good, but some flaws cannot be taken for granted by some bike riders. The back wheel rod is sunken, enabling their recharged adapter to fit and feed onto the machine. This means that a rider will have to modify the bike to suit the machine, matching their rod through, removing the nuts, and securing it onto the machine. Thus, the apparent use of the machine is to fit the machine on at the end of the nuts right on the back wheel of the machine, thereby making it safe and easy to back and forth between bikes.

If you own an old bike, you should modify their equipment or your wheel nut as a rider. This is being tested and modified so as a rider, you can roll the bike on and off in a short time without changing it every time, and honestly, this works!

Lastly, a rider needs to change the switching unit to provide less or more opposition which does not make any difference now ending up as a fault.

Key Features

Weight limit 120kg

Maximum power n/a

Price € 79.90

Available adapters and freewheels.

Weight 7.18 kg

Axle compatibility 130/135 mm quick release

Power meter accuracy n/a


The welds are nicely finished.


This model is very noisy

It isn’t safe and comfortable.

Odd ride feeling

Pedal strokes are almost impossible

Resistance to turbo mechanism slips.


Overall, we recommend the Relaxdays bike trainer to a buyer, an expert in riding, or a learner. Trained riders find it difficult to make an even pedal stroke on this bike model, and when they start struggling hard, the bike trainer won’t feel safe or comfortable. As a bike rider, if your vitality for indoor training is very low that you only deem going out for the Relaxdays bike trainer, then it is advisable and will also be best for you as a rider, your neighborhood, and also the rest of the world and people around you.

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