5 Best Touring Bikes in 2021

FUJI Altamira 2.1 Bike

Trek 520 Disc Touring Bike

Surly Long Haul Trucker

Bicycles have been an excellent means of transportation and have dated back to centuries before the emergence of cars and other alternative means of road transportation. A touring bike is a bicycle designed to be used for bicycle touring; while planning on going on an adventure that legs can take you but need to take the necessary items required to make such a journey comfortable, a touring bike should be on your list of things to get. With its load-carrying feature and being weather-resistant, it can be used for commuting around the year; a touring bike can be used for other cycling activities other than adventuring.

Touring bikes are mostly made of steel, majorly for the springy rides and durability that comes from it. A touring bike is built to provide a relaxed riding experience for the rider and conveniently help you carry your luggage. They have mudguards and pannier racks already fitted and broader tires than your regular road bikes. Many bikes out there may seem to be ok for your trips; however, touring bikes provide you a level of versatility and charisma that these regular bikes cannot give.



A road touring bike looks like a regular road bike, they have drop bars and are designed to have the basic shape of our standard bikes. They are still different from these bikes, as their frame geometry is designed to provide you a comfortable ride and stability while riding and has a more upright riding position than the standard bikes. They also come with the attachment of bike fenders and carrying front and rear racks and panniers


Adventure touring bikes are also like road touring bikes, but they have features that allow them to be efficient on rougher terrains. Many adventurer bikes have bigger and knobbier tires that make them great for dirt trails and gravel roads. They have tires similar to mountain bikes and 600b wheels in size, all for better bump absorption and better grip handling on rough roads.


The sport-touring bike can be very lightweight and is fitted with lighter wheels and much narrower tires. It can also be a road racing bike with heavier tires with a more relaxed frame. They are built for a quick day touring and are intended to carry the rider and just very light loads.


These types of bikes are a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes, they are also called all-rounders. They are built with a light steel frame and strive for balance with speed and efficiency. They have drop handlebars and have wheels sized 650b -700c; with these geometries, they still offer the comfort and relaying nature of touring bikes.


There has been an increasing advancement to the design of touring bikes, these bikes can be collapsed or folded to fit into a train or an airline suitcase. They are mostly built with 20 inches wheels size.


The recumbent touring bikes are built differently from the classical touring bike because they allow the rider to sit in a reclining or semi-reclining position. They offer greater comfort and efficiency. Their luggage arrangement requires special panniers and racks made to fit right under or behind the bike’s seat, bringing more convenience while touring.


The tandem bikes are built to be able to convey two or more people. Two or more people of different abilities can ride together, and it even allows a disabled person to enjoy cycling without the strenuous need of paddling.

Whenever you intend to pick any type of touring bike, you should consider where you might be riding.

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The 5 Best Touring Bikes In 2021 Are Reviewed Below

You could be a first-timer trying to find a suitable bike for your tours, and you could also be someone who already made a wrong purchase or is trying to change an old bike and need the bests to pick. Buying any item can be very time-consuming and mentally exhausting because there are many brands and products to choose from, which extends the time of thoughts and increases choice length. There is indeed a long list of bikes out there that are suited for touring. Still, we can carefully selected the best touring bikes you can get after considering their frame, geometry, wheels, other comfort features, and reviews from other older users.


FUJI Altamira 2.1 Bike

The Fuji brand is renowned for making bikes with deep ends, and an outstanding level of stiffness, the front end of the Altamira 2.1 does not flex in a way lateral way when you are out of sprinting, climbing, or saddles. If you are looking for a bike with incredible responsiveness to swiftness, this would be a great choice because it offers grace racing performance. It has compact gearing that helps relieve excess stress while climbing a mountain due to its Rotor crankset.

It is very confident for speed and is comfortable enough over rough terrains, lousy pavements, and dirt roads. The frame dimension and geometry of the Fuji Altamira 2.1 make it a top choice in touring the bike, and it has a compact gearing of 50/34 set up. It also has an electronic Athena that requires less force to carry out a shift and needs to be charged at least twice a year. You would not need chain rubbing on the front derailleur because the front derailleur automatically adjusts when your bike is in tune and would not require regular adjustments as it does not have cables to stretch.

The Altamira 2.1 has a Campagnolo shifter that allows you to downshift using your thumb than your middle or index finger for every change. The Campagnolo blends perfectly with the Rotor crankset, which prevents it from shifting up while under power as some would do. The rims of the Altamira 2.1 chose aerodynamics to be lightweight because they are made from aluminum.

Key Features:

  • Oval W535 wheels dimension
  • 11-speed Gruppo
  • 11-25T cassette
  • Compact gearing
  • Campagnolo shifters


  • Brand: Fuji
  • Product Weight: 26.46 pounds
  • Frame material: Carbon Fiber
  • Color: White
  • It prevents shifting from under
  • Aerodynamic rims
  • Needs thumb for downshifts
  • The front derailleur adjusts automatically to what the rear derailleur does
  • It may be too heavy
  • Looks focused for mountain climbers
  • Would need to get a fender and rack fitted
  • It is not too comfortable for long rides


Trek 520 Disc Touring Bike

Touring can be done on many bicycles, but getting perfect will add to your comfort and length of survival on the road. The Trek 520 touring bike is a choice that fits the most significant things you seek from a touring bike, and it has a steel frame that offers the exceptional mix of durability, flexibility, and comfort needed for long-distance bicycle touring. It has a stretched-out geometry that makes it suitable for staying very comfortable and still provides an aerodynamic stance for extraordinary speed.

The Trek 520 is made available in different frame sizes to cater to people of various height measurements, and it is available in sizes 48cm, 51cm, 54cm, 57cm, and 60cm. It is built with low maintenance required Shimano Dura-Ace bar-end shifters, which are very easy to fix while on the go, and when they break, they can easily be replaced. The wheel of this touring bike is durable and can a heavy load with a tire of 70032c, and they are so broad, you can add a cushion on them for good speed.

The Trek 520 also comes with a Bontrager back rack deluxe that can take loads of 20 pounds and lower, with brakes that are efficient even while on a full speed with a heavily loaded bike.

Key Features:

  • Shimano Dura-Ace bar-end shifter
  • Bontrager 700x32c tires
  • Rear rack


  • Brand: Trek
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Cosmic Black
  • Product Dimension: 48cm, 51cm, 54cm, 57cm, 60cm
  • Geometry is balanced
  • Very stable when it is fully loaded
  • The steel frame minimizes bumps on roads
  • Highly durable and comfortable
  • The saddle may not work for over 100 miles per day


Surly Long Haul Trucker

Surly is a brand known for exceptional performance, affordability, and availability. They are undoubtedly one of the best buys for an excellent touring bike. Surly, Long Haul Trucker has been a great performer for many decades. The bike’s geometry is relaxed. It allows its frame to handle its panniers comfortably; its chainstays are also much longer than other touring bikes, making the bike very stable and allowing clearance from your pannier bags.

When the Surly Long Haul Trucker is fully loaded, it has stable handling and gives a great ride due to its high front end, making it extra lovely. It has a Shimano XT rear derailleur that makes the bike durable and allows it to shift well, and it has space on the frame that can hold three water bottles, rear racks, and fenders. Its structure has a 4130 tubing specially made for loaded travel provides a reliable and comfortable ride.

Key Features:

  • 700c wheels size
  • 11-34 cassette
  • Three water bottle cage mounts
  • Front and Rear Fender and Rack mounting


  • Brand: Surly
  • Product Weight: 36 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 54 x 31 x 8 inches
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Color: Truckaccino
  • Can carry a heavy load over a long distance
  • The long-wheelbase gives a great ride
  • High durability
  • The stock rim brakes are not too good and might need an upgrade
  • It has a heavy build
  • Not built for speed
  • Seat quality is a little low


Kona Sutra Trekking Men’s Bike

Covering a great deal of distance while carrying a lot of stuff on a touring bike has never gotten easier. The Kona Sutra brand is known for making mountain bikes, so you are guaranteed of getting a touring bike with some significant level of ruggedness; it has a frame design, a long head tube with the top sloping heavily. You are getting yourself an excellent luggage carrier when you a Kona Sutra Trekking Men’s Bike because it has been certified as a load-lugger. You are offered a stiff chassis that gives very impressive stability when packed with heavy luggage.

The bar of the Kona Sutra is set to be high, giving off a ride position that gives you a great view while driving rather than hammering your road view down. It gives you an excellent comfort level while you are on an extended tour; this comfort is further made possible thanks to its extended wheelbase. It also has a relaxed frame geometry but can be maintained when the luggage weight is adequately distributed on the bike.

The Kona Sutra is designed with a Deore triple chainset and a Deore 11-32-9 speed cassette, making the gears lower significantly than regular road bikes. The shifter in its front easily lets you fine-tune the front position with no indexing and avoid rubbing. Its rear shifter also came with a friction feature that becomes useful when derailleur hanger damage or any other gear fails. Both these shifter are simple to use and easily repairable when it gets damaged.

Key Features:

  • Deore gear set type
  • Extra sturdy to take the weight
  • The bar is set high
  • Extended Wheelbase
  • Deore 11-32-9 cassette


  • Brand: Kona
  • Product Weight: 0.49 Ounces
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Color: Beige
  • It can go a very long distance with a giant load
  • Easily repairable shifts
  • Has front and rear shifts
  • It cannot be used to maintain a high pace
  • Needs proper luggage weight distribution


Windsor Tourist 700c Chromoly Steel

There are many bikes with great touring features and a reasonable price tag, and The Windsor Tourist 700c is one of them. It has versatile properties like traveling on a blue-line highway while still carrying so much load. It was designed to offer you exceptional comfort, stability, and durability. The angles of the Chromoly frame are very stable with sturdy fenders and tires, and its wheelbase is very long, which accommodates the thick tires and fenders. These wheels are built with 14-gauge spokes that are bent into a tangible form, and it also has double-wall aluminum rims.

The Windsor Tourist 700c Chromoly steel drivetrain is made from a mix of both shifting road and mountain Shimano’s components, featuring a 27 speed set up from Shimano and gears. It boasts a comfortable feature while on the road, it has an adjustable stem, and its handlebars and saddle are built to offer great comfort while riding.

While seeking a bike that can offer you excellent comfort, reliability, durability, and the ability to carry a lot of load without hindering your comfortable riding with you touring around, this Windsor Tourist 700c is the perfect pick for you.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum and Chromoly steel frame material
  • Cantilever brake style
  • Semi compact geometry
  • It comes with a rear rack
  • 27 Shimano speed


  • Brand: Windsor
  • Product Weight: 30 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 52 x 31 x 8 inches
  • Frame Material: Aluminum, Chromoly Steel
  • Color: Black
  • It can be loaded with luggage and still offer incredible comfort
  • Has double-wall aluminum rims
  • Wheels are solid
  • Quite affordable
  • The paint of the frame may wear off

Buying Guide Questions

We always have several basic questions when we intend to buy things for our use. We have questions like what type of brand is better than what brand, what price is for what brand, and why. We are faced with trying to understand our reason for choosing a particular brand we intend to buy. We have carefully answered your questions on the necessary information you would need to buy a touring bike.

What is the best bike for touring?

The extensive range of touring bike brands out there makes choosing very tasking, but most importantly, the type of journey you intend to embark on would influence the touring bike you would want to buy. You will need to be sure if you’re going to ride fast or slow, if you’re going to go on-road or off-road, or if you’re going to tour with a full load or ultralight, and you would also need to know if you would be traveling short-term or long-term.

Before you pick a touring bike, you would need to know your budget, some bikes are costly because of their features, and others have been able to have some excellent features at an affordable rate. We have pretty many bikes that are great for touring.

Fuji Touring: The Fuji touring bike is known for having a killer build, with Reynolds steel, the bike can go across the continent with its 36 spoke wheels and a 27-speed Shimano gearing. It is easy to repair and is available in seven sizes to fit different riders’ heights, and it has long chainstays and fork rake to provide a stable and long wheelbase. It has 21 inches of climbing gear, a quick steering feature.

Diamant 135: This Diamant 135 is a rebranded and upgraded version of the Trek 520 but with a lower price than the latter. It is also available in six different sizes, has a touring geometry with increased frame stiffness. It has a kickstand, saddle, dynamo lights, and racks; it has a Deore 30-speed gearing, brutal 36 spoke wheels, and climbing gear of 22 inches.

Vivente Anatolia: This brand is an Australian brand and provides a touring bike with stiff steel frames, it has a rear-mount kickstand, dynamo lights, a rear rack, and even a mirror. It has triple-butted rear spokes, and its climbing gear is 19 inches. You can ship them into any part of the world at affordable shipping rates.

Kona Sutra: The Kona Sutra is cheaper than its other competitions, such as the Salsa Marrakesh and the Trek 520, and still has excellent components. It has a speed Deore drivetrain of 30, a climbing gear of 20 inches, a rear rack, Brooks B17 saddle, TRP cable disc brakes, and fenders. The only major downside of the Kona Sutra is that it has no kickstand plate.

KOGA WorldTraveller Signature: This brand is also one of the best touring bikes with full-length internal cable routing, smooth welds, a steering limiter, and a paint job that is abrasion-resistant. Its frame geometry is very sturdy with solid wheels and Shimano XT disc brakes. It is built with a full XT 30-speed drivetrain and derailleur.

What is the difference between a road bike and a touring bike?

Road bikes and Touring bikes are very different because of what they are designed to do. We will look at the primary difference between road bikes and the touring bike.

Frame Material

Touring bikes have their frame made from Chromoly steel to provide superb strength and durability and give the bike a quality, smooth ride. Steel is known for absorbing road vibrations that would make the rider feel less jarring issues and its ability to withstand remote areas and is unlikely to break. While Road bikes have their frames majorly made from aluminum, these aluminum frame bikes sometimes come with a carbon fiber front fork. Some Road bikes are also made from Carbon-fiber, which is more expensive and durable than aluminum ones

Frame Geometry

Touring bikes are built to remain comfortable and stable even while carrying heavy luggage; the wheelbases of tour bikes are longer than the regular road bikes. The wheelbase of the touring bike is the horizontal distance between rear wheels and hubs of the front, and these longer wheelbases allow the steering to be more accessible and make load carrying more stable. The touring bike also has longer chainstays; it is nearest to the chain and helps create more space for the rear panniers on the bike.

Meanwhile, the Road bike is designed to exhibit recreational geometry, and the riding position is more upright than touring bikes. The rider needs to be more flexible and stretched out to improve aerodynamics; they have stiffer frames, lighter wheels, and less costly.


Road bikes can have a double, triple, or compact crankset; the triple crankset has a total of three chainrings, 27 gears, and a 9-speed cassette on the rear wheel. The double and compact cranksets of the road bikes have two chainrings, a 10-speed cassette, and 20 Gears.

A touring bike, on the other hand, uses a broader ratio of derailleur gears. Most touring bikes have a triple chain that can also be found in mountain bikes and has about 11-34 cassettes.


The wheels of a bike determine the weight and the acceleration rate of the cycles.

Touring wheels have like 36 spokes and can cross each other twice or thrice and are like 700c.

Why are touring bikes so expensive?

The essential features of touring bikes make them expensive. Touring bikes are robust, have a long wheelbase, frame material that gives flexibility, and are designed to be stiff to carry panniers better. These qualities make them very heavy and, as a result of this, make them bulky. Touring bikes are made to carry heavy loads, and while holding these loads and yet it has to maintain stability, this would also be added to its pricing.

Touring bikes are designed to be more upright and are made to be comfortable after long rides. The frame and broader wheels of the touring bicycles are combined to offer you excellent stability. These bikes have large wheels that can be 26 – 28 inches, making it possible to cover a great distance. They are made from steel or titanium materials which add to their cost of acquiring them; the drop handlebars of a touring bike also make it expensive.

Are touring bikes fast?

Touring bikes are not made to run very fast because of their heavy frame build, and they also have heavy wheels, which causes them not to be able to run fast. They are built to carry a heavy load and still offer stability, reducing their speeds.

Should I buy a road bike or hybrid?

There are different advantages of both the road and hybrid bike. To help you choose which one, we have compiled the significant features of both bikes.

Hybrid bikes are very versatile and can be ridden on smooth and slightly rough surfaces, and have a comfortable saddle with an upright handlebar. Hybrid also has excellent control and, due to the perfect riding position, offers excellent visibility. They are also able to carry extra weight with a well-equipped mount on the bike.

Road bikes have an over-the-handlebar position for the rider to provide aerodynamically; they are very efficient due to their lighter weight frames and have gears and thin tires that maximize their speed. Road bikes are essential for more extraordinary long-distance rides and still gives a comfortable feature while riding. The road bikes also have multiple hand positions and riding, which is great for adapting to various terrain and does not allow your hands to go numb or sore.

If you want to buy either a road bike or hybrid, where you are touring will determine which of these bikes to get.

Do gravel bikes make good touring bikes?

Gravel bikes can take in all roads; they have reinforced frames and forks and are tough heavier, and can cope with high-frequency terrain buzz, rocks, and roots. They also can clear muds on the road, and they also have wider wheelsets that you would not see on a road bike which makes them more inspiring to ride. The gravel bike geometry has degrees and millimeters that you might not be very comfortable with; they have stretched frames with superior stability and high speed on the looser surface and comes with slacker head angles. The gravel bikes might feel slow-steering when you ride them; first, they have a more extended fork offset. Before you own a gravel bike, you should consider the location for your tours, and it is more efficient for gravel roads and other manicured off-road trails. It can also be an excellent alternative for you if you suffer injuries in the hands and wrists. Gravel bikes have typical adventure bikes as they are similarly robust and have disc brakes and knobbly tires that make them ideal for tours that would take off smooth road paths.


We have thoroughly explained what a touring bike is and the essential components of a touring bike. The best touring bike for you solely depends on the terrain or road path you want to cover, the number of kits and necessities you need to take with you, and how long you intend to stay on the road if you’re going to buy a touring bike, it necessary for you to know the frame material because it would determine the strength and durability of the motorcycle, as discussed earlier. The steel because of the resilience and comfort it offers. Chromoly is also a common feature of touring bikes, and it is from the combination of Chromium and molybdenum, which are significant elements used for making the steel very strong. However, if you need to use your bikes for other duties aside from touring, like for commutes, club runs, or shorter rides requiring speed, you can get bikes made from aluminum or carbon. Most touring bikes come with a fitted pannier rack, fenders, and sometimes lights, but if you want to use the bikes for other purposes, you might want to get a bike with eyelets for its racks and guards that you can remove and also fit them in when necessary. To solve the problems of arranging your luggage and weight distribution, you can get saddlebags and frame bags that would let you do away with the panniers. A touring bike is always built to offer the rider a better-relaxed geometry with its shorter top tube and taller stack, and its wheelbase is also longer to provide more stability. A touring bike gives you comfort, durability, and strength on your journey, but choosing the right one is vital.

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