4 Best Pink Bicycles For Girl in 2021

Cycling took a new turn as the girl’s gender embraced the sport. The Feminine flare for pink products as a sign of beauty and the careful need for safety makes it a necessary consideration amongst manufacturers to include style, design, and quality into their preferences for bicycles.

Initially, Female bicycles were limited to three-wheeler bicycles. It was thought to be a safer option to have a girl ride on a trike or a cycle rickshaw. Girl Three-wheeler bicycles were speculated to ensure safety as there is less proximity to having the bike trip over, as the trio structure ensures great balance on the floor.

Nowadays, girl bikes are designed to fit these product details;

    • Light Frame
    • Wide Tires
    • Ergonomic Design
    • 400;”>Road Grip Tires


  • Style and Beauty

However, if you are trying to make a market choice on which bicycle you should get for your girl, you should get a pink bike, and then this review will act as a good guide for you.

It is important you note that girl bikes shouldn’t be regarded as toys. A girl bicycle is meant to be durable, strong, and has the ability to withstand shock impacts and frictional resistance.

Nevertheless, I will be offering you the best pink bicycle for girls.


Joystar Angel Girls Bike


Size: 16 inch

Material: Steel

Weight: 20 Pounds

Price: $129.99




If you are looking for a bicycle for your 4-7 year old girl, and a weight accommodation of up to 26lbs, then Joystar bikes should be your best pick.

Fitted to the bike are trainer wheels which can guide your girl, offer her balance, in case she is a beginner.

Joystar 16″ Girl bicycle usually comes 85% assembled during purchase, you just need to fit in the pedals, handlebars, and some minor parts.

Its trainer wheels are adjustable and detachable, making it easier to pull them off when you feel your girl needs them no more. At most times, when the trainer wheels are removed, it is replaced with a kickstand to support the bike when it is not in motion.

It is designed with a HI-TEN steel frame that offers a great sturdy choice for durability and resistance against road shocks and impacts. Its steel frame is also supported by the company’s warranty in case of natural damages.

This amazing girl bike is fitted with a 2.125 inch pneumatic rubber tire that offers great road tractions and grips, and a coaster brake for comfortable stops, and speed controls.

Enhanced with great features such as a seat adjustment to accommodate height as your girl grows, and a saddle holder to provide adequate protection for beginner riders.

Additional features include; Chainguard, 1-speed drivetrain, pedal brakes, basket.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • One Year Warranty
  • Bike accesories


  • No kickstand
  • No Hand Brakes(Just pedal brakes)

Huffy 24″ Nel Lusso Girls Cruiser bike


Size: 24 inch

Material: Steel

Weight: 20.78kg

Price: $182.00




Huffy Nel Lusso Girls Cruiser bike is a pink bicycle specially designed to a lady’s taste; beauty, elegance, and quality.

This 24-inch bike is designed with a beach cruiser frame that allows the rider to easily place both feet on the ground when the bike is brought to a stop, and also allows the rider to be able to stretch out her legs as comfortable as possible.

To ensure comfortability, its seat is foam-padded to eliminate butt strain, and a little bit draws back on the seat position to grant ample space between the rider and the bike’s front frame.

Huffy Nel Lusso cruiser bike has its handlebar raised to an upright position, making it easier to stretch out both hands in a natural way.


  • Multiple Gears
  • Ergonomic Design; Triangular Body
  • Accessories; Basket, Rear Rack, Fenders.
  • Dual Brake System
  • Light Weight


  • Not for kids

RoyalBaby Girls Freestyle Bicycle


Size: 12-16inch

Material: Steel

Weight: 8.6kg

Price: $124.99 – $142.99

royal baby pink bike for kid


RoyalBaby remains one of the best brands in Girl bike production.

Ranking as an ‘Amazon Choice’ product, this bike features different sizes; 12, 14,16, 18, and 20 inches. This variation in sizes is dependent on the size of the rider.

This pink girl bike comes 95% assembled, all you need to do is to tighten some nuts and add some parts. There is also the provision of assembly tools in the product kit and an instructional manual to help you run the final finishing.

RoyalBaby Girls Bicycle comes attached with a trainer wheel which is limited to sizes 12, 14, and 16 inches, and a kickstart stands for sizes 16,18 and 20.

It is fitted with 2.4 inch pneumatic road grip tires, which is actually wide enough to offer great balance on the road.

Designed to durability and long-lasting Features, it is structured with a reinforced steel frame and a 1.2mm steel tube frame.

Its electroplate painting gives it a cool grandeur.

Its sturdy stem is adjustable with fittings of 4-bolts that help the rider adjust the bike as growth enhances and height increases.

The bike is marked out with an anti-slip resin pedal, chain guards, firm grip handlebars, and a dual brake system; Rear and Front hand brakes.

RoyalBaby 12-16 Girl bike is a suitable fit for girls of 3-9 years.

As an additional feature, it comes with bike accessories that include; a water bottle, reflector, and a bike bell.


  • 95% Assembly
  • Bike accessories
  • Trainer Wheels


  • No kickstand for bike models 12-16 inches.

Dynacraft Hello Kitty Girls BMX Street Bike


Size: 16inch

Material: Vinyl, Steel.

Weight: 26.01 pound

Price: $91.83



The hello kitty pink bike is an amazing product from Dynacraft with attractive decoration and a quality frame.

This amazing bike comes along with trainer wheels, which can be replaced with a kickstand when the rider is old enough to control the bike.

Additional bike features include; a rear coaster brake, pedal brake, dual clips system; Rear and front.

It is built to an overall metal body design for durability, with a hard plastic pedal.

Its seat is fitted with a height-adjustable quick-release lever.

The bike is a comfortable fit for kids between the age ranges of 4-8 years, bearing a weight capacity of Max. 81lbs.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy Frame


  • No kickstand

And the products above are the overall best pink bicycles for girls available on Amazon. If you want to purchase any of the pink bikes for girls, don’t hesitate to use our affiliate link attached to each bike. Thanks!