What is a Bikepackers Meal Ecuadorian Style?


Bike packing is not all about cycling and venturing outdoors; it also means going to different places and enjoying new experiences. We spend the bulk of our lives repeating the same experiences and doing only what is familiar. However, bike packers (especially those who go bike packing internationally) often see new things and enjoy new experiences. One unique experience that international bike packers look forward to when travelling to a new country is the food. The variety of food available to tourists in any country is always a lot, and bike packers often find more than enough to eat and try out anytime they travel. If you are a bike packer and are thinking of going to Ecuador for your next trip, you have a lot to look forward to in the food aspect. Ecuador has a large selection of local dishes, and bike packers who visit this country should try out as much food as possible throughout their stay. We have compiled some of the best words in Ecuador. Enjoy!

Excellent Ecuadorian food for bike packers


If you are bike packing in Ecuador and you happen to come across a festival or a celebration, then you should have a taste of Tornado. Tornado is a roasted pig dish that is usually served at events and family celebrations. If you happen to visit Ecuador within this period, then get ready for a treat.


While you are bike packing in Ecuador, you should try this zarapatoca stew. This meal is prepared by local in the Amazon, and amazon happens to be a regular destination for bike packers. Zaraptoca is survival food, and bike packers looking for a new experience can try it out.


If you are visiting Ecuador, then get ready to eat a special kind of Ceviche. You might have eaten Ceviche in the past because the meal is quite common in South America. However, the meal is prepared differently in Ecuador, and you would love it.


Ceviche is seafood, and it is pretty standard in Ecuador. If you are going to be eating Ceviche, then you do eat it with Langostinos. Langostinos is a meal that should be enjoyed by every tourist that visits Ecuador, and this includes you.


Llapingachos is one of the best Ecuadorian meals for bike packers and tourists. This food is mainly categorized as a snack, and it can be eaten on the go, which makes it perfect for bike packers. The meal is fried, and it is made from a combination of potato, cheese and seasoning. If you happen to be visiting the Andean region of Ecuador, then you should get this meal.


Another meal you can enjoy on the go when you go bike packing in Ecuador is Patacones. Patacones are made around south America. They are made from starch, and you can eat them for an energy boost when you are cycling.

Mote con Chicharron

Suppose you are looking to eat tasty snacks while bike packing in Ecuador; you should try out this meal manufactured by Mote con Chicharron. This Mote is an Ecuadorian food that is peeled and boiled. This meal is served with pork, and it serves as a tasty snack on the go for bike packers and tourists alike.

Pescado Encocado

Another excellent meal you should consider trying out if you are bike packing in Ecuador is the Pescado Encocado. This meal is a combination of fish, pepper, coconut milk and tomatoes. It is served alongside rice and plantain, bound to blow your mind away and leave you wishing for more.


Morcilla is an Ecuadorian snack that every bike packer should try out during their tour. This meal is comprised of blood sausage, and you can easily enjoy it alone or with other meals like rice and vegetables.


Another excellent snacky meal that you can consider getting is the Cuy. This meal is made with one of the best kinds of meat, and you can enjoy the barbecue on the go. If you are bike packing in Ecuador, then you should try out this meal.

Carne en palito

This Ecuadorian meal is another meat style snack that is prepared like barbecue. This meat is made with a lot of seasoning, and it is grilled before it is made.

Bolon de Verde

If you are about to head out in the morning in Ecuador and you are looking for what to eat, then you should consider eating this Bolon de Verde. This meal is made with mashed plantain and cheese, and it is very satisfying.


If you are a bike packer and planning to travel to Ecuador next, know that you will have enough to eat and have enough to select from. This country is filled with roads for cycling, great sightseeing destinations and plenty of food. You would enjoy bike packing in Ecuador. Cheers!